Flu Epidemic

Words By| Brianna Hicks   Tallahassee faced its largest flu crisis in years. According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, (CDC) , the 2017-2018 flu season is already at an alarming rate with the pediatric flu death toll being at 20.This years flu season started early, producing cases of the virus in mid/late […]

Finding your Purpose

Words by: La’Kayra Larramore I doubt I am the only student who feels this but have you ever asked yourself why you are here. I am pretty sure you have wondered what your purpose is on this earth. Sadly, anytime someone brings up the topic of purpose, we shrug away in the corner in fear […]

iGrow plans to expand

By| Daria Laycock Tallahassee’s own iGrow South City has been granted the honor of the Aetna Foundation Spotlight award. This was done with good reason.  The award is given to programs that find innovative solutions to health problems and iGrow excels in that respect. In the past iGrow, acting as the Youth Empowerment and Leadership […]

Surviving the Twenty-somethings

Words by: La’Kayra Larramore What is that you say? You are a twenty-something sham who will never have your life together? Well, join the party because we all occasionally feel this way. We all have those days where we feel as though we are far behind. We look jealously around at our Instagram peers and […]

How to conquer pollen season

Words By: Lakayra Larramore The season is finally here…pollen season that is, of course. For some, the spring is a glorious time. A time to go out for walks and play in the garden. However, for many, this is the season for watery eyes, stuffy noses, and pollen allergies. Many Floridians suffer from pollen allergies, […]

March marks the month of women

By| Brianna Hicks Women’s History Month is an annual celebration done in March. The celebration highlights contributions by women from history and in in the world today. 2018 is the year of the woman. The stars are all aligned and have directed the path for women to be great. Stuck in a period, where the […]

Beyonce tops charts

By| Brianna Hicks Top off was released in the past week, and as usual, Beyonce saved the song. Since her 2016 Lemonade album release, she has become the symbol of modern womanism. In every track she has been on since Lemonade, she mentions some womanist praise. She continued the trend in her verse on the […]

College or Naw?

By| Brianna Hicks For decades students have been faced with the decision to where they would further their education. College for some is a dream, but to some, it can be a burden-  financially, or they just do not have the desire to go. Some students feel as if not going to college is a […]

Sunshine all the time

By| Brianna Hicks Florida is one step closer to officially becoming the sunshine state. In the wake of influx pollen and seasonal allergies, Florida officials gave the green light for Florida to become a state that observes daylight saving time year-round. The bill was passed on Tuesday, with a 33-2 vote and is on its […]