Campus Life | March 19th, 2024

Happy 40th Birthday Journey Magazine

By: Tatyanna Mccray | Staff Writer
Happy 40th Birthday Journey Magazine

Fashion, the arts, celebrities, politics, campus news and student-run, Journey magazine has reached a new milestone. This year marks the 40th anniversary of Journey magazine, and upon reflection, the trajectory of growth continues to steadily rise. This year’s edition is titled “Dreamer’s Edition,” exploring personal truths and sharing innermost raw emotions through outlets of creativity while inspiring others. In celebration of journey’s milestone, journey will also be hosting a fashion show for students to showcase their fashion skills and encouraging students to support the cause.

Humble Beginnings

Journey magazine’s origins date back to 1984, just shy of ten years after the first class of graduating journalism students in 1976. Florida A&M University’s   journalism program was founded by the late Thelma Thurston, a former professor. Since then, the program has continued to soar, becoming an award-winning publication featuring timeless articles and art that captures the essence of black journalists. The publication’s existence helps encourage students to become more comfortable as future communications professionals, aiding in writing skills, creativity, and leadership.

Some students have shared they’d be interested in learning and seeing more articles on different majors and skillset opportunities. Thankfully, Journey’s current stories feature various topics ranging from music, celebrity news, fashion to political topics.

Together We Rise

Falling off? Never that! Journey continues to reinvent itself by way of creating new trends and reaching new heights. In recent years, Journey has faced trials and tribulations that have raised speculation that the publication was going under. COVID-19 happened, and the student-run magazine suffered as most of the student body was forced to quarantine and be away from campus for extended periods of time, resulting in the pace’s consistency slowing down. However, as the publication embarks on its 40th celebration, things are only just beginning.

First year criminal justice student Danielle Parker said, “Although I was not aware of Journey, I would like to read things that are helpful for students that include tips, life advice and of course the latest celebrity gossip.”

As Journey continues to grow, the times continue to change, and staff are persistent with bringing attention to the student ran publication. On campus, there is a mixed audience, with some who are aware of Journey magazine and others who are unfamiliar with it.

Influential Experiences

Social media is a prominent platform that allows for students, alumni and the community to connect through news pertaining to campus and student life. Journey’s Instagram page is filled with promotion of small businesses, musical and artistic talents, fashion and seasonal events for the student body. Journey’s main website entails articles written regularly by staff writers, inviting students to stay up to date on the latest. Despite this, some students believe that a little more could be done to draw in more of a crowd.

Industrial engineering student Janae Irving said, “I’ve heard about [Journey] in passing, but I think it’ll be better if there were an app for students to get updates and leave comments [on articles posted].”

Considering that a lot of interaction gained by the student body is through social events and social media, the idea itself seems promising. This year alone, Journey set a goal of obtaining more followers to boost interactions among students and bring in more supporters of the magazine publication. Journey magazine is a student publication that has been around for a while and requires occasional maintenance, but the end goal remains the same. As Journey continues moving upward and forward with creativity, each staff member adds a special piece to the puzzle that connects news, fashion and the arts to the student body and society.

Despite being a student-run publication with humble beginnings, Journey has continued to excel. FAMU’s former President Walter L. Smith spoke life into the program, declaring it would go on to become one of the best in the nation one day in an overview of plans on strengthening the University’s academic mastery. The declaration has been upheld and remains steadfast, as many students have received recognition for their creativity and storytelling skills.

The School of Journalism and Graphic Communication also holds the bragging right of being the first accredited journalism program in the country at any Historically Black College and University, having earned its accreditation on April 25, 1982. Being first was probably not the entire goal of the late Ms. Gorham but being among the best was.