Campus Life | April 26th, 2024

Unveiling Grace and Glamour: Miss Collegiate 100 Pageant

By: Ernest Walker
Unveiling Grace and Glamour: Miss Collegiate 100 Pageant

Recently, the brothers of the powerhouse chapter of Collegiate 100 hosted a scholarship pageant with 12 contestants at Lee Hall. Contestants were all competing for the lucrative title of Miss Collegiate 100.

The theme for the pageant was “Queen Beach Movie.” The theme was inspired by a famous Disney original movie, “Teen Beach Movie,” starring Ross Lynch.

The beach theme was prevalent throughout the pageant; one of the segments included the contestants in group performances in bathing suits while also having blowup palm trees and beach balls to really amerce the crowd into the overall theme of the pageant. For the talent portion of the pageant, each contestant varied from singing, acting, dancing, and getting personal with the crowd with a heartfelt letter. The contestants were all very talented!

The energy and enthusiasm were very strong inside Lee Hall as friends, family, and classmates were cheering on their favorite contestants. People had signs made, t-shirts, and fatheads of the girls they were cheering to win the title.

The pageant also ran very well by the collegiate 100; the audio, transition in and out of segments, and everything was smooth.

Collegiate 100 Vice President and Pageant Organizer Jeffery K. Francis was happy with the way everything turned out.  “This year’s Miss Collegiate 100 Scholarship pageant was a massive success. It served as a tribute to the strength of teamwork, commitment, and creativity,” he said.

”It demonstrated what occurs when vision and careful planning come together to produce a huge success! I am most proud of the skills I was able to develop working behind the scenes when it came to pre-production and production day.”

The winner of the Miss Collegiate 100 was contestant number nine, Justice L. Johnson, who wowed the crowd with her elegance and stage presence. “The pageant experience was definitely one to remember. I’m so thankful for the experience because my faith and work ethic grew more than they ever did before. I documented the whole process with videos, and Oddly enough, I enjoyed looking back on the times when I felt most down and realized how far commitment, confidence, character, and consistency can take you,”  she said.

With this being her second pageant the new queen has learned so much about defying “FAMU norms,” and remaining genunine and humble.

“Ultimately, I love Collegiate 100 dearly, and I want to make sure my court sisters and I do our due diligence to make sure we cater to women on campus through mentoring, education, economic empowerment and health & wellness consistently while continuing to be true to who we really are,” she explained.

The Miss Collegiate Pageant was a significant success, and next year’s pageant will have a hard time topping this year’s!