| April 3rd, 2024

Kamari Young: The Neighborhood Hero

By: Hannah Kirby
Kamari Young: The Neighborhood Hero

The Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University motto, “Excellence With Caring,” remains supreme among past, present and future Rattlers. From the classroom to the field, Rattlers will always lead the way.

Kamari Young, Florida A&M alumnus and Tallahassee native, continues to strike for the top. Young accomplished many things while on campus, but many people know him from his stellar performances with the Florida A&M Football Team, where he is affectionately remembered as #81.

Growing up, he watched his older siblings and family members play and participate in many football games. As a family man, Young followed the standards set by those before him.

“I am the youngest of three boys on my mom’s side, so of course, my older brothers played football. I used to always like to watch them and what they were doing. So one day, I just thought I would try it out, even though we all don’t have the same interests, but maybe this is something we will all have in common because we share a couple of things. Maybe I’ll give it a shot!” Young said.

Courtesy of @famuathletics on Instagram (FAMU Athletics)

The Godby High School Alumnus decided to take his talents to none other than Florida A&M University to continue his football career. Committing himself to the team in 2019 and never looked back. The former Rattler concluded his collegiate career with 63 receptions for 956 yards and scored six touchdowns. Young ranked second among all tight ends in the FCS last season and will forever be called a Southwestern Athletic Conference and HBCU National Champion. He contributes his hustle mentality back to his mother’s origins in the Virgin Islands, which he visits when he has the time.

“A lot of people there are just hustlers. The sun goes up earlier than it does here; at 7 a.m., the streets are running! It’s a different culture there, more of a hustle and go get it because no one will give it to you,” Young said.

Young showcased his talents in New Orleans to participate in the 2024 HBCU Combine and HBCU Legacy Bowl. Young had the fastest 40-yard dash for tight ends with an unofficial 4.75. The week was about more than just football; it was an opportunity for HBCU athletes and students to enrich their careers in all aspects.

“It’s been surreal; I never thought that HBCUs would get this big in the eyes of other people and other leagues. It’s really big for them to have their own all-star games and combines. It’s really humbling for me because a lot of people paved this way, such as Fred McNair, Jake Gaither, and all of the greats. It’s big for us to walk in the steps of those giants,” Young said.

While Young describes following in the footsteps of greatness, others see the impeccable legacy he is creating for himself. Thai Ali Floyd, freelance sports reporter and close friend of Young’s,has been able to watch his development throughout his career. Noting he’s more than an average athlete, he’s more caring than most people you will encounter.

“Kamari is a well-rounded person, from being a true Rattler, a scholar, and an upstanding member of the community that made him. His athleticism and who he is on the field are just a short part of who he is. Those that know him for real are blessed to encounter his presence,” Floyd said.

There is no doubt that Young has talent on the football field, but there are some hobbies he enjoys that most people would not guess. He enjoys playing with and learning more about technology.

Young graduated with a Bachelor of Science in information technology with concentrations in cyber security and health informatics.

“I like to play with technology. Most people think I like to play video games, but it’s not just that. I have a projector I like to play with and multiple other devices that I can play around with. I’m also looking into getting a drone!” Young said.

Courtesy of @81.threats on Instagram (Kamari Young)

Young looks forward to this next chapter of his and what it offers. Like others, he has aspirations of playing in the league and would like to further his drone career. By flying drones over real estate properties and even recording events! He looks forward to seeing where God takes him with these following steps he will soon endure!