Campus Life | March 4th, 2024

The Perfect Getaway: Enjoying Spring Break on Campus

By: Auriel Patton
The Perfect Getaway: Enjoying Spring Break on Campus

Opting for a campus-bound spring break while others jet off to Miami might initially seem like a letdown, but excitement awaits right on campus. Spring break is the perfect opportunity to break free from everyday life and indulge in well-deserved fun. The opportunities are endless, whether it’s immersing oneself in campus activities, prioritizing self-care or unleashing creativity.

Venturing far isn’t a prerequisite for a memorable break. Countless avenues await to maximize one’s time right where they stand. At Florida A&M University, students embrace staying local and discovering the hidden gems right on their doorstep. From dorm-based events to rejuvenating self-care routines and artistic endeavors, there’s no shortage of excitement for those choosing to spend their break on campus.

Numerous campus events and activities await students electing to remain on campus. Within FAMU Towers South, Resident Director Justen Smith is orchestrating engaging events to enhance the experience of those who opt to stay.

“Staying on campus doesn’t mean missing out on fun. Our goal is to create memorable experiences right here at FAMU Towers, ensuring every student’s spring break is enjoyable,” said Smith.

The FAMU Towers staff is dedicated to ensuring a delightful break for all. With many activities ranging from game nights to arts and crafts, residents will have plenty of opportunities to create lasting memories.

Towers South is just one of many dorms hosting activities for residents during the break. In Sampson and Young, Resident Assistant Joshua Nickerson is actively planning to energize his residents through group outings, highlighting the significance of fitness and fun.

“During the break, I’m eager to motivate my residents to embrace an active lifestyle by hitting the Rec Center together for workouts and games. As the weather warms up, there’s no better time to prioritize fitness and fun,” said Nickerson.


CREDIT: Auriel Patton


This year, students eagerly anticipate some well-deserved personal time. Among them, first-year Graphic Design major Usher Williams stands out, expressing enthusiasm for prioritizing self-care over the break.

“This semester has been a balancing act between photography and school. Spring break offers me a chance to prioritize self-care and recharge my batteries. I’m looking forward to unwinding and distancing myself from academic stress,” said Williams.

The spring semester has been busy for many students, leading to high levels of stress and burnout. With academic pressures increasing and midterms coming, students are juggling numerous responsibilities, from coursework to exams and extracurriculars. Instead of adding to their stress by planning elaborate trips, many are opting for a simpler approach, choosing to prioritize rest and relaxation.

Second-year Business Administration major Tahj Merriex exemplifies this trend, opting for a more laid-back approach this year. Instead of embarking on a traditional spring break getaway, he has decided to remain in Tallahassee, where he will be channeling his passion for music by playing drums for the Western Florida Women’s Convention.

“I’m dedicating my spring break to honing my craft and spending time with friends. The opportunity to serve as a drummer for the Western Florida Women’s Convention excites me, and catching up with friends from the FAMU Gospel Choir is something I’m really looking forward to,” said Merriex.

Whether students choose to unwind with engaging game nights, revitalize themselves through invigorating workouts at the gym, or simply indulge in moments of relaxation, the upcoming break holds the promise of being a time filled with enjoyment and personal fulfillment.