Entertainment | April 25th, 2024

Harmony in Persistence: Exploring Music with Robin Malone

By: Micah Barkley
Harmony in Persistence: Exploring Music with Robin Malone

In the music industry, success is frequently evaluated not just by skill but by perseverance, teamwork and the ability to overcome setbacks. Robin Malone(also known as The Diva Don Dada), a rising star in the music industry who currently works at Florida A&M University, exemplifies these characteristics as she tells her life story and music career with excitement and determination.

Malone’s path began in high school, where her passion for music first blossomed. She followed her aspirations throughout college, but her path was not without challenges. 

“I was supposed to sign to Sony that summer[after high school], but I ended up getting drugged… and it really changed my life,” Malone said.

 After this, Malone states that her recovery was a slow-moving process, trying to take care of herself while searching for her way in music again. While her focal point in life has always been music, Malone’s narrative extends beyond that. She is upfront about her mental health issues, discussing how support has helped her on the road to recovery.

“Music never left my heart, I’ve done some shows and different things, but now I’m close to 100% myself,” Malone said.

Malone emphasizes that her fight at the time was with staying sane rather than her pursuit of music. She explained that being able to receive support from those closest to her is what built up her strength, and continues to do so. She also makes sure to thank God for his part in her development.

“I thank God for not just giving me something that I couldn’t obtain, but giving me something that he prepared me for first,” Malone said.

Malone states that ever since this event, she has and still considers herself disabled in a way, but thanks God that she has improved to the mental state she is in now. Setbacks and delays strained her determination, but Malone remained undeterred, stating that her destiny had been delayed but not denied.

After a 21-year separation from music, Malone is about to release more of her music to the public. 

” I think the single We Sharing is really the one that’s going to get me back to where I’ve been trying to go,” Malone said.

Malone says she has prepared herself mentally and physically for her full return to the entertainment industry, and with her new single We Sharin featuring Donell Davis, she feels that this new concept will propel her in the right direction. This song’s catchy spirit dives into the reality of this day and age’s dating pool, emphasizing that the man you may think is only for you, may be telling other women the same thing.



The Diva Don Dada performing on stage Photo Courtesy: Malone



Malone’s honesty and candor serve as a reminder that success is more than just reaching the top; it is also about conquering personal obstacles along the way. For Malone, music is more than simply a vocation; it is a means of accumulating generational riches to assist her family and those in need. She speaks passionately about her desire to give back, emphasizing the value of endurance, hard effort, and the support of loved ones.

In a world where success can seem out of reach, Malone’s story exemplifies the power of perseverance, teamwork, and pursuing aspirations. Her tale reminds us that with effort and determination, everything is possible in the world of music and beyond.