Lifestyle | October 15th, 2023

Presenting “Goldie U” by Goldie Sound Productions

By: Athaiya Mack
Presenting “Goldie U” by Goldie Sound Productions

Goldie Sound Productions is a multimedia company that specializes in audio recording and mixing, web development, and graphic design. With their “Goldie U” event, they’re bringing recognition to student artists and giving them a platform to express themselves and compete for free studio time.

Tallahassee students from different majors and schools gathered Friday, October 13 to support their friends and fellow artists at Goldie Sound Production’s competition event; Goldie U. Artists stunned the crowd with performances from St. Wallace, Slimvin, Dallas Aleea, Lucid Luunar, and Lil Dubble U. All student artists, competing for free studio time, and more.

The Event

The atmosphere was welcoming and hyped. Although it started later than expected due to the weather, a little rain never hurt anybody. Eventgoers still hung around, excited for what was in store. Coordinator and Editor in Chief for Journey Magazine, Mycah Brown is a fourth-year Broadcast Journalism Scholar who is the mastermind behind Goldie U.

“When it first started, I thought the rain was going to mess up our plans,” Brown said. “At the end of it, the turnout was great, and everyone had a good time, so I’m just really proud.”

A lot of hard work goes into music production, and there’s more to it than meets the eye—or ears. These student artists and the Goldie Sound staff worked tirelessly to put on the show that the audience witnessed. Their work certainly was not in vain. The crowd adored each artist and gave them the support and recognition they deserved.

The Artists

Yakima Jones, a graduating senior and History scholar came out to support her friends and fellow artists, “Honestly I’m having a great time. I love seeing all of the artsy students, all of the melanin, all of the creatives,” Jones said. “I would definitely come out to another event; I honestly want to perform at the next one!”

Azariah Richardson, aka Lucid Luunar, is a transfer student at FAMU majoring in Biological and Agricultural Systems Engineering. He spoke about how he came to perform at the Goldie U competition.

“I commented my name and sent it to a few friends to comment also; when I returned to the post I was shocked by the amount of comments,” Richardson said. “This is an opportunity to start off a long-term collaboration that would be highly beneficial both to myself as an artist and the recording studio that’s been in Tallahassee for as long as I have. I care a lot about unity, alignment, and synchronicity. I feel like we’re all a part of this big symphony, one big song. God’s orchestra.”

Goldie U Winner

The winner of the Goldie Sound Productions “Goldie U” event was Dallas “Aleea” Kennedy. A fourth-year history education scholar at Florida A&M University. Her connection to Goldie Sound dates back to years before this moment.

“When I was fifteen, I became affiliated with Goldie Sound because one of the judges here tonight, AD, worked at the Palmer Munroe Teen Center, where I used to hoop,” Kennedy said. “I wrote and recorded my first song with him that year.”

Goldie Sound Productions didn’t exist then, but it certainly was in the works. Dallas performed that same song she wrote at fifteen tonight at the event, as well as her most recent one that she recorded with GS.

“My music represents perseverance. I do a lot, and I always make time to be an artist because besides being a Mom, my music is the most important thing to me,” Aleea said. “Any win puts your name out there. To win this competition is very special, Goldie Sound means so much to me. This was special.”

Art is all around us, and Tallahassee is full of artists. Goldie Sound Productions is a company that opens the door and helps growing artists find their voice and community. A space for any and everyone, here to inspire and uplift. Events like this shed light on places and people that deserve to be seen and give voices to those that deserve to be heard.