Politics | October 10th, 2023

The Culture of FAMU Election Season

By: Briana Jones-Gill
The Culture of FAMU Election Season

The long-standing legacy of encouraging student involvement and participation in the democratic process is something Florida A&M University takes great pride in. 

FAMU’s election season for the Student Government Association is a vibrant and exciting time. The campus comes alive with energetic campaigns, passionate debates and a strong feeling of civic duty lingers the campus. When asked to describe the FAMU election season in one word,  student, Kandon Fears said “tense.”

“During election season, everyone’s guard is up, and that’s when the real starts to be separated from the fake,” Fears said.“You never know the lengths someone will go to to secure the crown. True colors are shown.” 

This institution prioritizes developing responsible leaders, engaged citizenship, and fostering a community where students feel free to express their ideas and concerns. A distinct atmosphere surrounds SGA’s election season, illuminating the compelling dynamics and the value of civic engagement. Competitive campaigns and student participation are central to FAMU’s student government. 

Aspiring student leaders create campaigns to spread the word about their platforms, outlooks, and objectives for the university. These initiatives employ various artistic techniques, such as striking posters, social media presence, thought-provoking lectures, and events. All of these techniques are used to engage the student body. 

By going to candidate debates, town hall meetings, and engaging with campaign literature, students actively participate in the culture of election season. They may make more informed decisions because of this engagement, which helps them comprehend the candidates’ goals and intentions for the university. 

These campaigns’ inclusive culture promotes a spirit of camaraderie and guarantees that student opinions and issues are considered during the voting process. 

Diversity and Inclusion 

Candidates symbolize the diversity of the student body by representing a range of experiences, viewpoints, and beliefs. This diversity fosters fruitful and spirited discussions, which can lead to a better comprehension of the many needs and objectives of the student community. 

Every student’s voice is appreciated and acknowledged during the election process. During the election season, FAMU’s ethics of accepting diversity and encouraging inclusivity leads to a setting where students from all backgrounds actively interact and participate. 

When speaking with the 116th Miss Famu, Aliya Everett, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of how fast-paced and stressful running for a position at FAMU can be. Everett transferred to FAMU from a small community college but quickly had to learn the ropes of FAMU’s political culture.

“After my reign, I realized just how beneficial being a part of the royal court really was,” Everett said. “I came to build networks with notable alumni and successful people, and ultimately helped develop my leading skills.” 

Community Involvement 

Election season also reflects FAMU’s dedication to community involvement. 

The university’s commitment to developing socially responsible leaders who recognize the value of serving and improving the larger community is best demonstrated through the inclusion of community service during election season. 

Aspiring student leaders frequently integrate service projects into their campaigns to help give back to the community. These activities can include fundraising drives, community clean-up days and volunteering at neighborhood nonprofits.

FAMU strongly focuses on civic duty, hoping to foster a sense of obligation and participation in the political process. The university promotes voter registration among eligible students by informing them of voter registration drives, polling places and the significance of voting. 

During election season, the campus transforms into a voter registration drive, with booth setups and campaign paraphernalia displayed, urging students to exercise their right to vote. 

The Calm Before The Spring 

With the anticipated spring election season next to hit the hill, students are ready, and future candidates are gearing up. Kandon Fears is looking forward to this annual season.

“I believe that this upcoming spring semester will be one for the books,” Fears said. “It will be a significantly more competitive season for sure.” 

Educational Benefits of FAMU’s Election Season 

Additionally, the university often hosts educational workshops and seminars on the electoral system, political parties and the significance of being an informed voter.

This educational aspect of election season fosters an environment where students are not only encouraged to vote but also understand the implications of their choices. 

Election season at FAMU is lively and enriching, showcasing a vibrant culture of political engagement, responsibility and community involvement. The university encourages students to actively participate in campaigns, understand the electoral process and embrace political diversity. FAMU continues to instill leadership, service, and civic duty values in its student body, contributing to a society of informed and empowered individuals. 

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