Business & Finance | October 17th, 2023

From Campus to Careers: JP Morgan Chase x FAMU

By: Kerrington Freeman
From Campus to Careers: JP Morgan Chase x FAMU

The Capstone class at Florida A&M University (FAMU) holds a special place for senior college students as it marks a significant milestone in their academic journey and serves as a gateway to the professional world. Recently, on September 20, representatives from the renowned JP Morgan Chase visited the university to provide exciting job opportunities and ignite inspiration within the next generation of communicators and journalists. The School of Journalism and Graphic Communication (SJGC) students were warmly welcomed with a hot, delectable breakfast, creating a delightful start to their day. Eager anticipation filled the air as they anxiously awaited the opportunity to learn from the best in the business. 

The guest lecturers who spoke at the event were highly engaging and provided valuable insights to students. They covered a broad range of expertise in corporate communications and journalism. Among the panelists was Pamela Rentz, a former student of FAMU’s SJGC. It was inspiring for her peers, including graduating senior Tyler Brown, to see her working as an entry-level communications analyst at JP Morgan Chase.  

“I remember Pam, and I used to have a few classes together, so it’s a great feeling to see someone sitting in these seats six months ago go on to big things straight out of college,” Brown said. 

Unleashing Potential 

During the event, there was an open discussion about the job opportunities available at the company, and the representatives showed a keen interest in recruiting fresh-out-of-college analysts. Students found it truly exciting to hear about the potential career prospects. The Q&A session was another highlight, as it allowed students to ask thoughtful questions about the challenges in the industry and the future of finance journalism. The guest lecturers shared their invaluable insights and real-world experiences, which deeply resonated with the aspirations of SJGC Scholars. 

Mike Fusco, a senior partner with the company for an impressive two decades, had the pleasure of serving as one of the panelists that Wednesday. With his experience as the Executive Director of Communications, he imparted invaluable insights into his fascinating journey. He reflected upon the reasons that have kept him dedicated to his role all these years. 

“My boss has a no-jerk policy, so everyone who works on the team are genuinely good people and feel like family,” Fusco said. “Seeing how we can positively people in the  community and support small businesses is one of the main things that makes this job so   great.” 

 The event was made even more special with the presence of Treynetta Macintosh, a devoted member of JP Morgan Chase for a remarkable 29 years. As a panelist, Macintosh shared her wealth of knowledge and experience, providing students with invaluable insights into her diverse role within the company throughout the years. She passionately spoke about the numerous opportunities and positions available, reassuring students that their dreams of a successful career were within reach. Macintosh’s love for the job was palpable as she emphasized how traveling significantly shaped her career and fueled her passion.  

 “I believe the work I have done at the company so far has created a space for young professionals to showcase their abilities,” Macintosh said. “I have enjoyed building a pipeline of diverse talent.”  


Breaking Boundaries 

Recognizing the exceptional talent and potential within FAMU’s student population, JP Morgan Chase is actively searching for graduating seniors and accepting job applications. In addition, another group of panelists will be back on FAMU’s campus in the spring to continue recruiting for the next Capstone class. This exciting opportunity allows students to network with professionals and potentially secure internships or job offers. 

The impact of this extraordinary event is bound to extend beyond the classroom, leaving an indelible mark on both the students and the broader industry. The connections made and the knowledge gained through the panel’s visit will undoubtedly shape the future careers of these motivated students. This truly remarkable occasion will be cherished and remembered for years to come, paving the way for many more successful collaborations between JP Morgan Chase and FAMU.