Lifestyle | March 8th, 2018

College or Naw?

By: Journey Associate
College or Naw?

By| Brianna Hicks

For decades students have been faced with the decision to where they would further their education. College for some is a dream, but to some, it can be a burden-  financially, or they just do not have the desire to go. Some students feel as if not going to college is a slap in the face to their parents and fear not going will disappoint them. Trade school is an option that many students do not consider.

In comparison, trade school is cheaper than the traditional college education. According to College Board, the average public tuition for an in-state student is almost 38-thousand dollars for a four-year education. Versus a trade school where the culture is much cheaper. Real Workers Matters reports that the average cost of automotive education is only 10,000 dollars. The cost of tuition varies on the program and path the student decides best for them

Anthony Williams, a student attending North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University feels that college is a “scam.” Williams said “They used to teach real stuff back in the day in high school. Skills so you didn’t need college, you could get into your career right after high school & have everything you needed to know. Apparently, expensive education is the key to life which is a joke. Most people graduate & don’t even get jobs in their field, wasting money for nothing”. Williams went to college because it was an outlet out of the small town he currently resides. He is presently studying to become a neurosurgeon.

Beverly Wilson, a nurse at Evans Health Care, says she doesn’t regret going to college. Wilson said “I was a young mother who worked at night. Trade school was financially feasible for my family, and it worked around my schedule.” Trade school not only is cheaper than traditional public education, but it also has more options when it comes to scheduling.

Lively Technical School, here in Tallahassee has options for everyone. Lively offers programs ranging from Accounting to Welding. They have the same enrollment process as traditional schools and students have the opportunity to receive financial aid also. Lively like other trade schools offer students, depending on the field, the ability to be trained in their area of choice in as little as six weeks versus a traditional four year period.

A traditional college education has its perks also. It is expensive compared to trade school however with the general education a student acquires in the first ten years, it gives the individual more room for growth, and the student is also able to transfer these skills to different fields. A traditional four-year degree comes with dorm life, which builds friendships and gives for networking. Whatever a student decides, they should make sure its best for them and not their parents or family.