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Beyonce tops charts

By: Journey Associate
Beyonce tops charts

By| Brianna Hicks

Top off was released in the past week, and as usual, Beyonce saved the song. Since her 2016 Lemonade album release, she has become the symbol of modern womanism. In every track she has been on since Lemonade, she mentions some womanist praise. She continued the trend in her verse on the song ‘Top Off,’ which features DJ Khaled, Future and her husband, Jay-Z. Bey goes on to reference being the only female in the sound and still being the realist n-gga in the room: “I’m the only lady here, still the most real n-gga in the room

I break the internet, top two and I ain’t number two.

Beyonce is known for her witty lines and the ability to break the worldwide web with class and grace. In 2017, Beyonce started up ‘Formation Scholars awards,‘ which focused on young women who were not afraid to step out the box, according to her website She, of course, received negative critiques, which made her go even harder when she took her efforts a step further. She began to work in low-income communities facing hard times as a result of natural disasters.

Jarriaun Streets, a proud Beyonce supporter said Beyonce never disappointed her. Streets said, “Beyonce has been doing good since she been in the game and does not seem to have plans to stop. Her lemonade album was the turn that we were all waiting on. She showed that women do not need men anymore. It has officially become a revolution. Beyonce is gold, and everyone who comes in contact with her becomes gold too. People thought she was stuck up, but I always believed she was good. ”

Bey Good founded by Beyonce has partnered with many organizations such as UNICEF and Tida to assist impoverished communities, whether it is because of a disaster or because the city needs rebuilding. Bey Good and Jay-z have partnered together to get necessities to such communities. They also have donated funding for communities to provide toys and food for families in impoverished areas. Beyonce is just the queen of not only music but also of doing good.

Photo by: Josh Sorenson