Music and Movie Reviews | May 22nd, 2020

Rileyy Lanez Discusses her EP and the Inspiration Behind her Music

By: Madeline Smith
Rileyy Lanez Discusses her EP and the Inspiration Behind her Music

Since the unforeseen jolt into this global pandemic, we have been forced to adjust and find some form of solace during this time. I have found that through music and have really begun to admire artists and their hustles even more.One particular artist that has really begun to rise, even more so during this pandemic, is Rileyy Lanez. 

Rileyy Lanez is an up-and-coming artist from the Bronx, New York, or as she so smoothly said in her interview with me, “The BX.”  Lanez released her first extended play (EP) project of five tracks in the thick of this pandemic on May 1. Her fresh reintroduction to R&B mixes and ballads really intrigued me which led me to ask her to be the first guest for our new series, “Artistry Journey.”

Lanez’ soulful and sultry sound is laced throughout every song on the project. From lyrics of heartbreak to ones that embody finding the one you love, there are songs for everyone. Her passion is felt through her songs. 

“A lot of hard work was put into this project, and in the end it really turned out good. I wanted to write songs that really relate to people, all ages — it doesn’t matter,” said Lanez in the interview on our Instagram Live

“Now I know what type of artist I want to be. So that’s big growth”

“Before being signed I was just starting. I was still trying to figure out what kind of artist I really wanted to be and how I wanted to be presented to the public eye. [Now] I know what type of artist I want to be. So that’s big growth,” she said.

The singer’s growth is very noticeable in her recent project. She has clearly established her artistry and her message through her songs’ lyrics. 

“Before you give your all to somebody or put your all into something, get in tune with yourself as far as your emotions, your intentions, and your mindset. That’s my number one message for y’all,” Lanez said. 

The passion-filled message that Lanez portrays through her music is a depiction of true pain and experiences. She explained that during the songwriting process she was inspired by experiences she witnessed of others and personal ones. Lanez also voiced that through her music, she wants to help others cope with heartbreak.

Throughout the interview with Lanez, her vivacious and smiley personality shined through. She, however, was masking emotional pain the entire time; when she started crying, the viewers virtually screamed “I love you” in the comments.

“Today was the day that I lost him”

The singer choked on tears while explaining that the loss of her father was an experience that shaped who she has become as an artist. Yesterday was the anniversary of his passing. Although she was fighting through those emotions, she decided to get on live and speak with me and her supporters.

“Today was the day that I lost him,” she said ruefully.“Not really good, but it’s okay, you know.”

Her followers immediately began to flood the comment section with tokens of love and condolences. They’re support was obvious, and she openly voiced gratitude for them multiple times. 

“My followers, definitely, are the ones who are keeping me motivated,” Lanez said. “They are the ones that make me remember: even though we are in quarantine, we’ve still got work to do.”

Her supporters and listeners should definitely expect music from her post-quarantine. Lanez said that she has been putting pencil to paper during this time and we should be on the lookout for moves in the future. 

“I want people to know me as the girl who, when she sings, has a story to tell. Regardless of the song that I’m singing, I have a story to tell,” she said. “You’re going to feel the emotion through my voice, my words and everything. That’s the type of artist I want to be,” Lanez said.

I am looking forward to seeing the rest of Lanez’ artistry journey, and according to the comments, her 641,000 followers are definitely looking forward to hearing the stories she has to tell as well.