Culture | October 6th, 2023

Hidden in Plain Sight is Back!

By: Mycah Brown
Hidden in Plain Sight is Back!

FAMU students Lucid Luunar and AntMann are back with “Hidden In Plain Sight” at an all new location in Railroad Square.

On Saturday, Tallahassee music lovers and creatives will gather once again at 6 p.m. for a night filled with soulful R&B and hip hop hits, festivities, fellowship and positivity.

The pair return for a second time after a long year of planning and preparation, creating a community space where the gems of the city can come together and celebrate the overlooked art created by their peers who are the living embodiment of “hidden in plain sight.”

While there is so much budding talent around us, we don’t always notice it. Every day we go to class, and we have no idea the lives our peers lead when they leave campus, says event organizer Lucid Luuanr. “Hidden in Plain Sight” has created the opportunity for those gifted individuals to come out from the shadows of their daily routines.

“Whether you’re an artist that would seem pretty unassuming otherwise, who does all of these different things and people wouldn’t be able to tell from a quick glance, hidden in plain sight can be that way,” Luunar said. “Being hidden in plain sight in terms of the goals you’re working towards and everything you want being right in front of you, it’s right there. Then contributing to what the actual space is ‘hidden in plain sight,’ you know, it’s here one moment, gone the next.”

After a regular day in the studio with his friends from Atlanta, Luunar came up with the idea of hosting “Hidden in Plain Sight” in his new city, to create a space where musicians, designers and creators could work together and bring awareness to their personal brands.

According to the flyers posted on the official Hidden in Plain Sight Instagram page (@hipscmty), the evening will feature eight musical acts, with boiler room sets by Dakhari404 and event organizer, AntMann. Noval Treasures is back again this year, featuring more clothing pieces from the collection, accompanied by three new vendors, Lord Slang, Le Papillon and Aworan.

There will be another fashion contest this year, to see who came in their best paradise outfit. The event will be hosted by another Florida A&M University student, Yakira Jones, who goes by the name, KiraDaStarr.

“It’s almost a double reality type of thing going on,” Jones said. “It was called “Hidden in Plain Sight” for that main reason, to really showcase and have a space for people to express both sides of themselves that maybe people don’t know about.”

While this is the first official event that Jones will be hosting, she looks forward to being engaging and maintaining the crowd’s attention with her charismatic presence. Unique online promotions have left many in the Tallahassee music-loving community ecstatically waiting for a night full of tunes, food, fashion and fun this weekend.