Love & Dating | February 14th, 2024

FAMU’s Finest ’24: Gabe “Huncho” Jean-Simon

By: Ashton Johnson
FAMU’s Finest ’24: Gabe “Huncho” Jean-Simon

Though he is known for his smooth voice on 90.5’s Saturday Morning Show, “Certified Lover Boy” Gabe “Huncho” Jean-Simon can also spit game in real life. He looks forward to wining and dining with his future boo on an all-out exclusive date for Valentine’s Day.

Known as Huncho by many of his peers on the highest of seven hills, the graduating senior uses his time at FAMU to build connections and carve out his own lane. Though he is a physical education major, after a sports equipment summer internship with the Chicago Bears, Huncho’s original career path suddenly flipped when new opportunities arose.

He became a radio personality on 90.5’s Saturday Morning Show, started event hosting and creating fashion content on multiple platforms.

“I saw broadcasting taking me further and used it to my advantage,” he said. “I would like to use my platform to influence the world to be a better place, share wisdom, and tell my story.”

Before the sudden pivot in interests, Huncho first came to FAMU with the hopes of becoming a football player and coach after graduation. Though everything did not go as planned, he trusted that God would open doors for him and guide him, and he did just that.

Besides getting his feet wet in the broadcasting life, Huncho is a part of the Big Brother Little Brother Mentoring Program Inc. (BBLB) and was a USSC Academic Influencer.

“While I was trying to juggle all these things, it was very eye-opening that this was the real world,” he said. “It made me understand that if I want to be successful, I need to know how to manage my time and have a balance…”

While Huncho continues to learn how to balance school and life, he also knows what college relationships need to survive. “I’m a firm believer that loyalty and commitment are something you have to have if you want a successful relationship,” the Pisces lover said.

“You’re either going to put your best foot forward and sacrifice the things you want to do and have for your partner, or you’re not.”

Along with his wisdom on the relationship’s ins and outs, he likes to use love songs to express his emotions. “Lions, Tigers, and Bears” by Jazmine Sullivan is a song that he shares with his mom.

“These songs make me feel like I can be in tune with my emotions and understand it’s okay to feel how I feel,” he said. “It’s okay to want to yearn for love and try to be hard all the time.”

Through his past relationships, Huncho was able to learn more about himself and what the true definition of love is.

“Love is not a noun or an adjective, it’s a verb because it’s an action,” Huncho said.

As he reflects on his journey of self-discovery and growth, he remains optimistic about the future and the possibility of finding true love.

This Valentine’s Day, Huncho can be spotted on the quad passing out roses to all the beautiful women of FAMU with BBLB. The only question now is, can you race his mind?