Love & Dating | February 14th, 2024

FAMU’s Finest ’24: Hannah Kirby

By: Briana Jones-Gill
FAMU’s Finest ’24: Hannah Kirby

Every year, Valentine’s Day unfolds like a timeless love story in a world colored in shades of pink and red. The air fills with the lovely perfume of flowers as the promise of romance lingers, making hearts flutter with excitement. 

Whether you’re wrapped in the warmth of a long-term relationship, dancing through the excitement of a newfound love, or cherishing the beauty of self-love, Valentine’s Day is a celebration that transcends boundaries and embraces the spectrum of human connections. 

At the highest of seven hills, the question arises of who truly is the finest, FAMU’s Finest. When many were asked who they believed should take the title, the answer was as clear as crystal: Ms.Hannah Grace Kirby.

Aside from Kirby’s obvious beauty, the DMV native has the brains, talent, and drive to match. 

The vibrant Hannah is a young lady whose aspirations are as big as her heart. She is passionate about sports journalism and works to bring a voice to the voiceless. 

Hannah firmly believes that athletes deserve to tell their stories outside of the court or field because, at the end of the day, athletes’ lives go beyond their stats. If the second-year broadcast journalism student had the chance to meet any athlete, alive or dead, she would jump at the opportunity to meet Muhammad Ali.

“Muhammad Ali is the greatest athlete of all time in my opinion, and I want to be the greatest of all time in my field,” Kirby said. “So I would just love to talk to him about his career, life story, and much more.”

So far, Kirby has been able to hone in on her goals by being as active as can be in Florida A&M University’s School of Journalism and Graphic Communication. 

In only her second year, Ms. Kirby has been able to cover the celebration bowl game as an intern for the ESPN, anchor for FAMU TV-20 and write for Journey Magazine. She has a hunger and a passion not seen in many, which reinforces why she was selected for FAMU’s Finest.

Outside of the classroom, Ms.Kirby enjoys the arts. One of her favorite music artists is Stevie Wonder. 

Growing up with his music, she cherished the memories of her father’s first dance with her grandmother, set to a Stevie Wonder song at her parents’ wedding. The emotional connection to his music has deepened over the years, leading her to appreciate his artistry and the challenges he faced as a blind artist.

As you look past Hannah’s outer appearance of the average college woman, you’ll discover a hypnotizingly beautiful personality. Her bubbly character compliments her compassionate nature. 

She is the type of person who goes out of her way to ensure that others are ok and doesn’t stray away from having a good time. In the whimsical world of cartoons, Hannah envisions herself drawn in bright orange and yellow shades to reflect her bright and lively natural state. 

Her choice of colors reflects her upbeat attitude on life and her capacity to make any space she walks into feel sunny.

“If I were in a cartoon, I think I’d be either orange or yellow,” Kirby said. “I believe that those colors best describe how the world and I both view myself.”

As Hannah would put it, she is like a three-piece with fries drenched in mumbo sauce… she’s too good. So good, you’d never have to worry about her stealing from you unless it meant winning you over.

“If I were given the chance to steal something, I would steal someone’s heart,” Kirby said.

Hannah Kirby is a woman of substance on FAMU’s campus, combining warmth, ambition, and a hint of romanticism. Her profile presents a compelling image of a well-rounded and charismatic person who, through God’s timing, will be eager to start a new chapter of love and adventure.