Sports | November 28th, 2023

Kim K’s SKIMS Partners with NBA, WNBA

By: Briana Jones-Gill
Kim K’s SKIMS Partners with NBA, WNBA

On Oct. 30, the NBA, WNBA, and USA Basketball set to change the sports partnership scene like never before by partnering with SKIMS, a well-known shapewear business started by Kim Kardashian. 

Kardashian’s SKIMS has been named the official underwear partner of the NBA, WNBA, and USA Basketball. This partnership is a big step away from conventional sports sponsorships and will establish new standards in several crucial areas.

Ashton Johnson, a sophomore broadcast journalism student, has played basketball on a high school level and is excited to see a woman partnering with such a male-dominated business.

“I think SKIMS becoming the main undergarment for the NBA and WNBA is something I never expected,” Johnson said. “I like that Kim K was able to work her clothing company up this far into [a] sports world that doesn’t always give women credit for their work.”


Kardashian for SKIMS x NBA Partnership || photo courtesy: SKIMS


SKIMS’ partnership with the NBA, WNBA, and USA Basketball is a stand-out deal that has been making headlines, not only because of its tie to media personality and socialite Kardashian but also its focus on diversity and inclusivity. SKIMS shares the progressive ideals of the NBA and WNBA by providing a broad selection of sizes and supporting body positivity.

By using athletes from these leagues as brand ambassadors, SKIMS challenges the typically restricted beauty ideals within the sports industry. This partnership knocks on the sports sector, inspiring other corporations and organizations to prioritize inclusivity and diversity.


This partnership extends beyond traditional branding and marketing. It features unique product lines for athletes and supporters suited to the demands of those who play high-performance sports.

The distinction between traditional athletics and fashion is blurred by this partnership. It establishes a standard for future sports collaborations, which should focus on producing distinctive, stylish, and beneficial sportswear that appeals to a broader market rather than merely logo placements or endorsements.

The SKIMS deal could change the structure of sports partnerships, with sponsors being more closely intertwined with the experiences of both fans and athletes.


The SKIMS collaboration also shows how women’s sports are becoming increasingly significant in sports marketing. This partnership challenges the outdated gender division that exists within the sports business and establishes a standard for future sportswear lines that are more varied, unisex, and gender inclusive.

Women’s sports are essential, and women athletes should be given the same respect and support as men. SKIMS sends a strong message about this by interacting with the WNBA and the NBA. This deal may motivate other companies to tackle the gender gap in sports partnerships and invest more significantly in women’s sports.

Skylar Baltezegar, the center for FAMU’s women’s basketball, says she sees the rapid changes in the industry.

“I do believe that women’s sports are becoming increasingly significant in sports marketing,” Baltezegar said. “I think companies are starting to recognize that [women’s sports] viewership is constantly growing along with the diverse audience that women’s sports attract.”


This SKIMS deal emphasizes how crucial authenticity is to success.

This partnership is evidence of the value of sincere relationships between companies and brands at a time when consumers expect socially conscious products. SKIMS’ relationship with the NBA and WNBA, two of the most well-known sports leagues with significant social and cultural value, shows that future partnerships should aim for genuine, value-driven relations rather than just flashy marketing.


​​Kardashian for SKIMS x NBA Partnership || photo courtesy: Dimitrios Kambouris, WireImage for SKIMS

“This partnership affects the game and the industry because it not only promotes equality but it also encourages participation,” Baltezegar said. “This includes the attraction of more fans, other sponsors and more media attention. With this type of exposure, it can improve the overall growth of the sport.”

SKIMS’s deal with the NBA, WNBA, and USA Basketball with the NBA and WNBA has the potential to transform future sports collaborations. This innovative partnership may serve as a template for further collaborations, influencing the industry for many years to come.