Love & Dating | February 14th, 2024

FAMU’s Finest ’24: Zion Afolabi

By: Briana Jones-Gill | Staff Writer
FAMU’s Finest ’24: Zion Afolabi

As Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and love is in the air, graphic design student Zion Afolabi is turning heads as one of FAMU’s Finest. 

Ms. Afolabi has been leaving her mark on the campus as one of the promising faces of Florida A&M University’s School of Journalism and Graphic Communication, but she has also been impacting change in the community as the first vice president for the FAMU chapter of the NAACP.

Zion’s lively and bright personality perfectly complements her desire and drive. In the words of her favorite artist, Beyoncé, she is ‘that girl.’ 

Equipped with a hint of humor and an unquenchable love for the color pink, there is no question why FAMU chose her as the ‘finest.’

Zion Afolabi is a very confident woman who prides herself on her energy and swagger. She knows she is second to none, and it allows her to truly be herself no matter the circumstance.

In her love life, she is adamant about making sure that her significant other makes her feel special because she is not your typical lady. She wants to see effort in her dates and passion to show the genuineness that one may possess. 

However, she definitely would not want to stay in the house when this love is being shown.

“I like to be outside,” Afolabi said. “I’m too young and too fly and look too good to be staying in the house.”

Regarding her ideal date, Zion prioritizes activities that allow her to genuinely get to know her date. Steering away from movie dates for first encounters, she values sustainable experiences. 

Effort is key for Zion, not necessarily in the form of an extravagant date, but in the thoughtful planning and genuine connection that makes her feel special.

“On my ideal date, I’m doing something that requires us to strongly interact with each other, ” Afolabi said. “That could be a dinner, that could be walking around something like a museum. I just want to be doing something very tangible and fun.”

Zion stresses how crucial communication is to healthy partnerships.

According to her, a partner “ought to be open to having talks,” resolving conflicts, and being honest about one another’s fears without projecting them onto one another. She says vulnerability is a necessary component of a relationship and is essential in setting boundaries. 

She doesn’t feel jealous in her relationships because she knows that open communication and boundary-setting are important in a partnership. She understands that having direct conversations about feelings and expectations can help avoid miscommunication and foster a more positive dynamic between couples.

“I’m not a jealous partner because I believe that with the right communication, certain boundaries can be put in place in order to prevent stuff like that,” Afolabi said.

In the realm of love, Zion Afolabi stands out as a thriving and authentic individual seeking a connection that goes beyond superficialities. 

Zion is a ball of fun and will bring spice to any room she enters. With her love for unique experiences and her commitment to open communication, Zion is ready to find a love that complements her personality and brings out the best in both her and her partner.