Lifestyle | February 21st, 2024

Pat McGrath: A Decades-Long Journey of Makeup Mastery and the Glass Skin Revolution

By: Jewel Wells | Staff Writer
Pat McGrath: A Decades-Long Journey of Makeup Mastery and the Glass Skin Revolution

Pat McGrath: An International Influence in Makeup Artistry

World-renowned British makeup artist Pat McGrath is widely recognized for her unique technique and captivating makeup style.

In Stephan Georgeta’s 2022 article, “McGrath, the first and only make-up artist decorated by Queen Elizabeth,” McGrath is acknowledged for her high achievements. The article stated, “Pat McGrath becomes the first makeup artist to receive the Lady of the British Empire Award,” further emphasizing the great impact of her artistry.

She has been nationally successful and influential within the beauty industry for over 25 years, and as the year 2024 began, she sent a wave of shock and interest with one of her newest looks.

Maison Margiela’s Spring 2024 Collection

Earlier this month, John Galliano presented the spring 2024 Maison Margiela Collection in Paris. Models could be seen gracing the stage with a unique and distinctive makeup style that left viewers stunned.

The Teen Vogue Style Team’s 2024 Article, “Pat McGrath’s Glass Skin Looks from the Maison Margiela Show Have Beauty Bloggers in a Chokehold,” stated the trend has taken the “internet by storm,” also sharing, “Celebs, models, and beauty influencers alike were in awe, and understandably so, because the looks are mesmerizing.”

The Groundbreaking Display of Glass Skin


Unique spin on 1930’s makeup style || Credit: ABC NEWS

Each model walked the runway rocking an innovative spin on vintage 1930s makeup. The use of vibrant colors, thin eyebrows, and rosy blush quickly caught the crowd’s attention, but what stood out the most was a unique glossy porcelain doll-like finish that began the trend many of us have seen sweeping the internet.

As the showcase surfaced on the internet, curiosity filled the air on just what the beauty secrets were that created the distinctive “glass skin” look. Many creators shared their attempts to recreate the viral look, some even getting quite close to the original, yet no one could uncover McGrath’s secrets to achieving the flawless look. McGrath broke her silence, sharing her secrets to the groundbreaking beauty look, including several products that some of us already have at home.

Secrets Revealed: McGrath’s Secret to the Sensational Glass Skin

In a recent live stream, McGrath shared her product list and revealed that perfecting the look took some time. The list included: Freeman’s Renewing Cucumber Peel-Off Gel Facial Mask, Que Bella’s Hydrating Pineapple Peel-Off Face Mask, Daggett and Ramsdell’s Peel-Off Facial Mask, and Proot’s Calendula Peel-Off Mask.

Pat McGrath’s transformative approach to the traditional 30’s cosmetic style stands as a true testament to the appreciation of unique styles and expression within the world of fashion and beauty.