Lifestyle | October 14th, 2020

Victoria Hernandez: ‘Anything She Desires, She Will Make it Happen’

By: De'ja Stokes
Victoria Hernandez: ‘Anything She Desires, She Will Make it Happen’

Victoria Hernandez, 21, is an elementary education student from Puerto Rico who was raised in Tallahassee, Fla. Her kindhearted personality charms most people and her resilience inspire others to always persevere.

Victoria, affectionately known as Tori, is known to her friends as an incredibly determined and loving person. Diamond Rollins, a close friend of Hernandez, says “anything she desires, she will go make it happen.” Rollins said that Hernandez is a person “who wants to make sure everyone is taken care of.” She views her as God-fearing, an enterprising person and will always admire how hard-working she is.

Like some people, Hernandez acknowledges that she is imperturbable and immensely optimistic. No matter what happens, she is going to keep pushing with a smile on her face.

Life-changing experiences have molded Hernandez into the person she is today. Her first year of college was full of trying times as she dealt with a few hardships. In September of 2017, tragedy struck when her best friend was killed due to domestic violence. In that same month, Hurricane Maria heavily affected her family in Puerto Rico, which forced her grandparents to move to Tallahassee. A few months later, Hernandez’s grandfather also passed away.

Victoria Hernandez and her late best friend Rosario Sanchez. Photo courtesy Hernandez.

Hernandez has the drive to help and educate other individuals, especially young women. The topic of domestic violence is significant to her and she is exceedingly passionate about spreading more awareness about the issue. She strongly believes that self-love should be taught at an early age to everyone and she wants to educate men as well as women.

“The whole domestic violence thing is like an elephant in the room in a lot of families and friendships,” said Hernandez.

Hernandez decided to put her passion and craft into something more substantial and founded Blooming Rosies. Blooming Rosies is an organization founded in remembrance of her best friend to enlighten others on the topic of domestic violence. She hopes to help those who are in the cycle of abuse get out of it. After the pandemic is over, Hernandez wants to be able to do in-person activities such as workshops and seminars. Most recently, Blooming Rosies hosted a donation drive from September 8 to October 3 for the Refuge House in Tallahassee.

“She is literally the epitome of hard work,” said Ania Wilson, a close friend and student at FAMU.

A lot of Hernandez’s peers do not know that she is quite theatrical. As a child, she was heavily into musicals and the arts. Now as an adult, she still loves watching musicals, sometimes even going as far as singing all day, instead of talking. When Hernandez is not busy with school and helping others, she enjoys playing the piano and guitar.

Despite all the shortcomings Hernandez experienced, she does not let it overcome her future. She continues to persist and make others feel better with her warm nature. She may not realize it, but she is an inspiration to other individuals.