| February 8th, 2018

Trending: The Slogan Tee

By: Journey Associate
Trending: The Slogan Tee

By | Victoria Goodson

A designer way of speaking is through the runway. It is a  gateway for freedom. Individuality became paramount in fashion within the 1960’s. Dior, a European luxury goods company, stands firmly with feminism. The first female designer to lead Christian Dior, Maria Grazia Chiuri , opens the Spring 2018 show in Paris with a model wearing the fashionable stripped apparel emblazoned with “ Why are there no great women artist?” This phrase originates from an essay by the Brooklyn based feminist Linda Nochlin. This may recall you to think of a distant flashback to the 2017 London Fashion Week when the designer, Ashish Gupta, caught everyone attention and whisked show goers away into his apparel. Models strolled out bearing uplifting and unifying statements such as; “As often as possible be polite and kind .”, “ Why be blue when you can be gay” . and “ Nasty Women”. These designers used Slogan Tees on the runway for a political battlefield of voice and reason.


Mai Daniels

“ Power of Girls” “New York” “1998”

This second-year trendy fashionista, Mai Daniels, is rocking a white tee with a hint of red and a voice of feminism she purchased from H&M. “ Power Of Girls”, which emblems feminism which did not kick off until 1848. The Women’s Movement evolved out of social reform groups such as the abolition of slavery, “as well as”  the social purity and temperance movements. The wave of feminism danced throughout the United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands and the United States. Unknowingly in 1998, feminists defended Bill Athens “ peccadillos” and slut-shamed his accusers. According to Mayor Bill de Blasio, more than 200,000 feminists attended the march in New York on Saturday —– . The march held over 600,000 individuals in attendance, Several speakers urged women in to channel their energy within the upcoming election. Mai Daniels had an eye for this attire not only looking good but symbolically enlightening a change within the world.

Taijah Jules

“Born to lead”

This first-year trendsetter, Taijah Jules , exhibits her confidence to the world wearing her Urban League black sweater printed with, “Born To Lead” also known as,  the headline for the Sal Aunese story. A film much more than the typical. “The story transcends and is a reflection of what we should all strive for in life.”The story transcends of what we should all strive for in life. CONFIDENCE. Reaching profits of $22,000.Sal story touched the hearts of the world. Unfortunately, within four months of the birth of Timothy Chase ( McCarthy )  son of Coach Bill McCarthy daughter, Sal died of stomach cancer in 1989. Disregarding the terrible experiences Sal’s spirit and leadership of new quarterback Derion Hogan the team conquered the National Championship against Notre Dame in 1991. Taijah Jules claims that this shirt helps to feel better about herself, ironically this shirt represents her mood allegorically.

Craig Pence


This third-year hypebeast is loud and proud. The brand Young and Reckless is a streetwear-inspired attire that exhibits the iniquity of casual apparel. Young and Reckless is in partnership with PacSun , hosting in over 3,000 stores in the United States. Established by “Producer Drama”, the co-star in MTV’s Rob Dyrdek’s fantasy factory.  21 savage brand distinguishes the rock style lifestyle that inspires people to live their best lives. Craig believes that if you live to do it savagely.

Jamauri  Glover

“ Wutang Clan”

This second-year fashionable trendsetter is voicing his style through this urban apparel snagged from Forever 21. The fresh apparel states “ Wu-Tang Clan”. If you did not know, the “Wu-Tang Clan” is an American hip hop group from — Island, New York City, and originally composed of East Coast rappers. The album, “Once Upon A Time In Shaolin” was a single copy. Martin Shkreli, the former pharmaceutical boss, who is notorious for raising the price of Aids medicine from $13.50 to a stunning $750 per pill.Sold to the former pharmaceutical boss, who notorious for raising the price of Aids medicine from 13.50$ to a stunning 750$ per pill, Martin Shkreli.Bloomberg reported that the album was sold for 2 Million Dollars. It is the most expensive album ever sold.

Chris Jerry

“Just Do It”

This first year,  inspiration wearer is Chris Jerry in the famous brand, NIKE. The phrase “Just Do It” has an inspirational outlook with a disturbing history. Rumor tells it that this famous NIKE slogan ironically originated from spree killer, Gory Gilmore, who received the death penalty for murdering two people in Utah in July 1976. Gilmore was asked if he had any last words. He nonchalantly responds “ Let’s Do It”. Dan Wiedon of Wiedon + Kennedy reportedly taped to create a tagline only a decade later, in the 1988 advertising agency meeting. Gilmore’s notorious words seemed to fit. Only changing the “ Let’s” to “Just” with a dash of emphasis.