Fashion | April 24th, 2018

The return of Nicki Minaj

By: Destiny Mcintosh
The return of Nicki Minaj

The generous queen Nicki Minaj is back after months of a hitatus and has finally dropped two tracks Chun-Li and Barbie Tingz but was the wait really worth it?

Minaj maybe should have took more time away and tried again with the two hits. It could have been bad timing for rapper Minaj to drop two hits but the artist could have done way better. Chung-Li was not the best song, but since it has a good beat I am sure it will get played again. Chung-Li reminded me of revised Romans Revenge.

As for Barbie Tingz, it is repetitive like many of her previous songs. It sounds like she had lots of beef with people and just took shots the whole song. Give us something more than a clap back song the fans deserve it.

Now that Cardi B is demolishing the game it is time for other female artist to step it up. Minaj has been rapping about the same things “ I been on” “ I put you on” for years but instead of evolving she’s becoming irrelevant. We all know you have cars, money, and clothes, but when is she going to give us something more relatable to?

Minaj previously stated in an interview with Beat 1 that she can rap and she can do this and that but we all want to know can you make a hit song. I don’t think the rapper can relate to what is really going on now and maybe now her fans deserve something different.

In her interview with Beats 1 she did not give me rapper vibes but instead woe is me vibes . “It hurt my feelings to know that people would watch me be slaughtered and not one person will step in and say the truth.” Minaj stated. To me it just sounds like life, some people will not be there when you need them

There were lots of slick shots and as for a female rapper there is no time to be soft about anything and thick skin is truly needed.

Both songs were clap backs at everyone who doubted her and was against her since her 2012 debut as a rapper. Yes we can agree, that Nicki is talented and gifted but her fans need a little more from the “Queen of Rap”. We all know the music industry is male dominated but that there is room for everyone as long as you make your own lane.