Lifestyle | January 29th, 2020

The Art of a Crystal and Beyond the World of Metaphysics

By: Akilah Winters
The Art of a Crystal and Beyond the World of Metaphysics

Beneath the rigid layers of the Earth lies a shimmering object of energy that is said to have the potential to change the life of an individual. These aesthetically-pleasing objects hold many names: healing stones, crystals, healing crystals, etc. Their  use typically can be interpreted depending on the individual, but supposedly holds the ability to heal certain problems in one’s life due to spiritual beliefs.

“Crystals hold energy as well. Each crystal forms in its own way. The type of soil, temperature and amount of pressure varies and contributes to the energy of the crystal in a unique way,” said Weslyn Newburn, an employee at Stone Age, a metaphysical shop in Tallahassee.

How people choose to interpret and what people choose to do with the energy from crystals varies upon the individual. People can choose to try and focus their energy on the crystal to receive a transference of energy from it to help them with a problem in their lives.

Kai Allen, a second-year biological systems engineering student said, “When I use my crystals…I’ll spread them out in front of me or around me, sit still and just breathe, sometimes I’ll hold certain crystals in my hands and squeeze them tight to really feel everything.”

People also use crystals for spiritual aspects as well. They use it to find themselves on a spiritual level and to exist as an individual of higher expectations of themselves.

“Crystals can help people know their spiritual selves and help them find their purpose in life…they can also help with manifesting spiritual pursuits,” said Newburn.

Crystals and their uses can also fall under the category of metaphysics. Metaphysics is a philosophy that focuses on the abstract reality of life. Metaphysics focuses on concepts such as being, existing, space, identity, etc. that people normally question their whole entire lives.

According to Michael LaBossiere, a Florida A&M University philosophy professor with a Doctorate in philosophy, there are two branches of metaphysics: formal and informal. 

“There are two broad types of metaphysics. One is the branch of philosophy that deals with the nature and structure of reality. People who do this sort of metaphysics try to answer questions about the existence of God, the possibility of time travel, what it is to be a person, whether other realities exist and many more. This is important because it is how we sort out ultimate reality and people seem to naturally want to know what is really real for real,” said LaBossiere.

The use of crystals falls underneath the informal branch of philosophy. 

“The second is not a formal branch of philosophy and is generally taken to encompass anything beyond the realm of the mundane physical world. People intrigued by this sort of metaphysics would tend to be interested in things like ghosts, magic, psychic powers, healing crystals, and ley lines. As with formal metaphysics, people see this as important because they want to know what it is,” said LaBossiere.

Crystals are used for many different reasons that vary depending on how one wants to focus their energy. 

Whether that reason is to heal a situation in one’s life or just to look at them for their aesthetic looks, crystals can serve a purpose in an individual’s life.