Arts | August 29th, 2022

TEDxFAMU: The Art of Storytelling & Speeches

By: Mycah Brown
TEDxFAMU: The Art of Storytelling & Speeches

Our predecessors lived in an era where they’ve witnessed some of the most notable speeches in history.  From Nelson Mandela’s ‘I’m Prepared to Die’, Martin Luther King Jr’s ‘I Have a Dream’ and more recently Barack Obama’s ‘Yes We Can’ speech, we have been moved by the words of those whose ideas we respect for as long as we can remember. 

While historically we’ve reserved historical speeches for those who hold the highest honor within our respective societies, the majority became expert listeners. Some of our earliest memories started with assemblies in the auditorium during school, and the occasional guest speaker who was able to inspire everyone in attendance. 

TEDxFAMU offers the FAMU community the opportunity to do what we’ve been doing since our primary years: listen. Even more, TEDxFAMU allows those who have typically sat in the audience to finally take the stage. Founded on the belief that within everyone there is a story to tell, TEDx fosters the art of storytelling. 

 Technological, Entertainment and Design Conferences, LLC is a world-renowned organization, also known as TED, created in 1984 with the purpose of distributing “ideas worth spreading.” TEDx is a program produced to give smaller organizations the platform to create a TED-like experience for local audiences. This world-renowned platform is being brought to Florida A&M this fall, and you will have the opportunity to impact your community through eloquent and powerful speeches.  

We all have unique stories cultivated from the experiences we’ve had that are specific to our lives and individual development, which means that each of us have the potential to be a great storyteller. Over time, the practice of storytelling became instinctive as it’s been passed down through every existing culture for centuries. 

Even the earliest humans knew the importance of sharing information. Our ancestors invented storytelling over 30,000 years ago with ancient cave drawings that often served as a warning for the generations to come based on lessons they’d encountered first hand. 

As it’s developed, storytelling has taken on many forms; some include written stories, music and spoken word. But it’s important to note that the best storytellers are those who invite their audience to actively use their imagination. 

Listeners are most intrigued when the speaker captivates them with interactive stories that they can identify with. Your story is just as impactful as the next person and by incorporating those engaging elements you can serve as a source of inspiration for those who choose to listen. 

Everyone’s story is worth-telling and we’ve been doing it for as long as we can remember.  If you would like to apply to be a speaker as a FAMU student or alum, visit the TEDxFAMU Website and click “Apply to Be a Speaker.” You have the opportunity to share your story, and soar Beyond Great Heights!