Business & Finance | February 15th, 2022

Tallahassee Power Teen Creates a Community Organization

By: Sasha Williams
Tallahassee Power Teen Creates a Community Organization

Kaylin Jean-Louis, 16, is a high school and dual-enrolled student from Tallahassee, Fla. This powerhouse teen has taken it upon herself to create a community organization called Kaylin’s Caring Konnection (KCK) to give back to the youth in Tallahassee that are less fortunate.

Kaylin has always been known to have something to say, and instead of being just another high school teenager, she uses her voice as a platform to inspire and motivate the youth in her community. As executive director of KCK, she uses her organization to spread love, light, and compassion while improving the community.

“Before high school, I have always been interested in trying to better the community, whether it was finding a simple task like giving someone money for food or something as big as an entire fundraiser. I am very happy to have this access to give back to my community,” said Jean-Louis.

Luckily, she has help every step of the way. “I am a momager, and thankfully we have saved a lot of money because God has blessed me to be able to do all the extra stuff behind the scenes. I’m doing all the graphics websites; it’s a good busy, but I love it, and I love seeing her in her element,” said her mother, Priscilla Jean-Louis.

Tallahassee is known for many things, but Kaylin is spreading the positivity needed in the community. In 2016, KCK had their first drive, partnered with the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Children’s Center, and collected toys to fill their toy chest and give to the youth who had recent surgeries.

The type of impact that KCK has on youth is essential, and with her first partnership being TMH, she has now been able to receive other partnerships to reach out to more children.

“We partnered with Tallahassee Big Bend Coalition to deliver toys, The Ronald McDonald House to provide gifts for the family members of kids who are in the hospital. The Hang Tough Foundation to give back to the youth caregivers, and a girls group home to purchase Christmas gifts,” said Jean-Louis.

With all of the successful partnerships Jean Louis has made so far, she is beyond grateful for everything she has accomplished. One way she keeps her organization going is by planning out her weeks to continue to achieve her goals.

Pastor Terrence Booker, Kaylin’s youth pastor, says he is proud of her and cannot wait to see what she does next. “It is amazing, and I’m so proud of her to see the things she is accomplishing in our community as a young girl. It makes me proud to be a part of her life, I like to see her drive and her tenacity to go get things done, and it shows how big her heart is, and she wants things to change, and she is looking for the change and making it happen, and she is not afraid,” said Booker.

It is not often many hear about a high school student creating a community organization, but Jean-Louis is doing it, and her community organization is growing. She wants to find more youth to get together and make a more significant impact on Tallahassee.

“For my organization, I plan to establish it in Tallahassee and get other youth under my wing to be a mentor for them. In a year, I will be going to college, so I want a council of youth to keep youth, making Tallahassee a better place,” said Jean-Louis.

For more updates, check out her website or her Facebook page Kaylin’s Caring Konnection, Inc.