Culture | February 14th, 2020

Table for One, Please: How Some Singles Spend Their Valentine’s Day

By: Taylor Berry
Table for One, Please: How Some Singles Spend Their Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of the year again when Wal-Mart shelves are stocked with Valentine’s Day goodies, couples show more affection than ever, and the singles’ are reminded that they are, single. But to some students at Florida A&M University, Valentine’s Day is not all about romantic love between one and a significant other.

New to the single-life is Anika Flewel, a pre-pharmacy student at FAMU, and she plans on redefining her Valentine’s Day this year.

“We would normally go out to dinner and buy each other cute gifts like bears and chocolates,” Flewellyn said. “But now that I’m single, I plan on going out with my friends.”

Flewellyn has been single for a couple of months, and despite not having a significant other, she said that the change in her relationship’s status will not prevent her from enjoying the holiday.

There are some students who have never been in a romantic relationship nor celebrated Valentine’s Day with a love interest. For elementary education scholar, Alexandra Williams, this has not been a concern since she has received gifts from her coworkers at the elementary school she previously worked at and the first man in her life who she continues to love.

“My father would buy me gifts, and I would receive many gifts from my school since I worked in the office,” Williams said. “This year I plan to spend it with my friends painting and baking.”

Spending time with friends on Valentine’s Day is nothing to be embarrassed about. It is actually common. Just ask Leslie Knope, a character on the television series, “Parks and Recreation,” who coined the term “Galentine’s Day,” a phrase used to describe girls who celebrate Valentine’s Day with their friends the day before. However, it does not have to be the day before Valentine’s Day; it can be the day of.

For some students like criminal justice student, Imani Jackson, Valentine’s Day is just another day.

“I don’t plan on celebrating because to me, Valentine’s Day is just like every other day,” Jackson said. “I feel that Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be the only day or the main day to be romantic.”

From the male perspective, English scholar Josiah Porter, who has been single for nine months will be attending a Valentine’s Day party and has a positive message for all of the singles.

“Don’t get caught up in the hype,” Porter said. “Even though it is a romantic holiday, you can still take yourself out, or hang with your friends. In the end, it’s all about you being happy.”

Luckily, Tallahassee did not leave singles out in celebrating this holiday. There are many events where Tallahassee’s singles can mingle. For those who are 21 and up, singles can have an enjoyable time at the Valentine’s Day Singles Mingle event, hosted by Selfie Scenes. 

For those who are looking for nothing but a good time, Cross Promo is hosting an event at Bajas Beach club called, Single for the Night, from 10 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. And ladies drink free until midnight. 

Not all hope is lost for the “singles”  this Valentine’s Day, whether it be hanging out with your gals or guys, going out to a club or just taking time out for yourself, you can still enjoy this day.