News | October 28th, 2022

Students React to Latto Homecoming Lineup Error

By: Jaden Bowen
Students React to Latto Homecoming Lineup Error

On Oct 24, rapper Latto, who initially was advertised as a co-headliner at this weekend’s homecoming concert event, took to Instagram to dismiss some preconceived notions about her upcoming appearance on FAMU’s campus. 

The “Big Energy” hitmaker aired her statement at an undeniably inconvenient time for the student body, as homecoming week has begun and is in full swing. 

Latto announced her disclaimer directly on her social media platform publicly through Instagram stories.

“I’m not booked for this looks fun tho lol sorry y’all,” Latto said. 

The artist, who is currently opening for Grammy Award-winning singer and rapper Lizzo’s ‘Special’ Tour, already has a tight availability with her current performance schedule. 

At the time of the homecoming concert, she is to be in between two shows in different states, an Oct 28 show in Dallas and an Oct 31 show in Denver. 

Tallahassee native and junior public relations student Jefferson Walker admits that he was aware of Latto’s commitment to tour, but her response still left him in “disbelief.” 

“I knew she was on tour with Lizzo weeks ago, but I didn’t know she was scheduled to be somewhere else,” Walker said. “I reacted by sharing with my friends and commenting on a few posts about it.” 

This is not the first incident that’s come about surrounding the homecoming concert lineup. The slot initially listed Jacksonville rapper Lil Poppa as a guest and performer. However, the rumors were denied, and Lil Poppa has since been removed from the homecoming concert lineup for reasons unannounced

Sophomore psychology student Alexia Alexandre plans to spend her time elsewhere, opting out of the homecoming concert entirely after learning about the Latto situation, despite already paying for it. 

“I heard about Lil Poppa, but I wasn’t sure if the rumors were true,” Alexandre said. “If Latto really doesn’t show up then there was definitely false advertisement. Either way, I am super disappointed with how the events are being organized. ” 

Latto’s story post has generated a lot of buzz on social media among students and fans who planned on attending to see her perform. Many have expressed their grievances about their feelings of shock and annoyance with the university’s lack of clear communication on Instagram and Twitter. 

Some have even considered possible refunds if made available. 

“I’m glad that Latto cleared up that FAMU event flyer,” Twitter user @lattoluvvaa said. “It would be really disappointing to go in hopes of seeing her just to find out she wasn’t going.” 

As of Oct 25, The Bell-Burns Administration and Homecoming Ad-Hoc Committee have issued an official statement addressing the concert error while revealing that they had only received a budget “nearly a third of previous homecomings.”   

They stated that Latto’s announcement contradicted the transactions they delegated with a third-party promotion group, WRLD Entertainment, who “denies Latto’s assertations.” 

“Like you, we were extremely disappointed…” 

“Our campus is alive with the spirit of 2022-Homecoming: The Experience,” Bell-Burns’ letter said. “We hope that this issue is swiftly resolved so we can provide concertgoers the best experience FAMU has to offer.” 

Latto’s most recent statement on the matter was delivered through Instagram and Twitter, where she explained her side of the situation, having never officially confirmed the booking. 

“My team was contacted directly this morning and asked if we could work something out due to the third-party promoter falsely advertising me,” Latto said. “ME BEING UNDERSTANDING; I was willing to make it work even though I’m currently on tour. BUT since they brought incorrect info online, sabotaging my reputation, I’m gonna pass on the offer now.” 

She ended her response with an apology to the students and a reassurance of her love for her fans. 

Alissa Payton, a fourth-year health science student from Macon, Georgia, says that although she was most looking forward to seeing Latto, she’s also looking forward to seeing City Girls and “honestly just having a good time.”


City Girls Flyer | Photo courtesy: @FAMU1887 Facebook

“I think that Homecoming will still be good,” Payton said. “It’s just unfortunate that Latto [can’t] be there, but I’ll still be attending.” 

Students exhibit an array of emotions as they wait to hear updates about the current state of the homecoming concert. 

At this time, they can still expect an appearance from rap/hip-hop duo and listed headliners City Girls, as well as newest addition Saucy Santana, and continue to indulge in the other FAMU Experience festivities that Homecoming 2022 has to offer.