Lifestyle | November 27th, 2023

Students Bring in the Holiday Season

By: Raina Smith
Students Bring in the Holiday Season

As we wrap up the semester and prepare for the holiday break, a contagious buzz of excitement echoes through campus. The holiday atmosphere is taking over as everyone’s festive spirit manifests.

Getting into the holiday spirit is a unique journey for each individual. Some dive headfirst into festive decorations at the earliest sight of fall leaves, while others wait for the semester and end-of-finals stress to be over. Regardless, the end of the year becomes a cherished time for us to unwind and embrace the joy of the seasonal festivities.

The Interlude

College life can be demanding, with students often juggling school, jobs and other responsibilities. The holiday season provides a golden opportunity to hit pause.

For many, the focal point of “winter break” lies heavily on the “break” itself. Having faced a semester full of lectures, heavy course loads and late nights, numerous students eagerly count down the days until they can finally embrace relaxation.

Whether it’s spending time with friends and family, catching up on sleep, or indulging in personal hobbies, the holidays offer a valuable chance for much-needed rest and physical and mental rejuvenation.

Amanda Jean-Louis, a senior at FAMU expecting to graduate this fall, says the end of the semester can’t come soon enough.

“I’m honestly just ready to relax,” said Jean-Louis. “I’m excited to see my family, but I’ve had a long semester. This break is also about self-care and having some fun.”


How to Make the Most of the Upcoming Holiday Break!

  • Set New Goals for the New Year- Yes, this is a short recess from the stressors of being in school, but the journey is far from over. How are you going to make the next chapter even better?

  • Spend Quality Time with Friends and Family- If college has taken you away from home, seize the holiday break to strengthen bonds with friends and family, reaffirming that distance won’t diminish the connection.

  • Rest Up and Recharge- Utilize this time for personal rejuvenation. Kick back, relax, and focus on your well-being.

  • Apply for Scholarships and Internships- Why not be productive if you have free time? Holiday breaks are the perfect time to find ways to earn some money.


Hometowns & Holiday Roots

What makes the holidays truly special are the unique traditions that solely belong to us – those household or individual rituals that will never get old. Returning home for the holidays isn’t just about geography; the return to these special traditions makes this time of the year so sentimental.

Every Christmas Eve and morning, Morenike White, a senior at Florida State, follows a familiar routine with her family.

“[We listen to] Christmas songs first thing on Christmas morning and watch old claymation Christmas movies on Christmas Eve, but not until midnight,” said White.

Perhaps, for you, it’s the aroma of a timeless family recipe drifting from the kitchen, or maybe it’s the comforting embrace of a cherished blanket. These are all reminders that our ties to family and our hometowns remain strong despite the sense of freedom that accompanies college life and beyond.

In With the New, While Embracing the Old

From turning our dorms and apartments into holiday wonderlands to trading gifts and hosting get-togethers with friends– whatever the practice may be, these customs connect us to the past but also give a glimpse into the future.

As college students, the holiday season has transformed into a unique blend of nostalgic memories and the excitement of newfound independence. In this phase of our lives, we’re not only cherishing the memories of childhood traditions but also navigating the refreshing journey of creating our own ways to celebrate.

Xavier Aurelien, also a graduating senior at FAMU, says that although the spirit of the holiday season has remained the same for him, he has created some traditions of his own.

“Some new traditions I have formed now that I have my own place include a Christmas movie night/party with all my friends,” said Aurelien. “ I am looking forward to it this year.”

Each of us shapes our version of the new normal, and despite the differing rituals, the significance behind them genuinely captures the spirit of the holiday season.

So, how do you celebrate?