Lifestyle | March 2nd, 2022

Strike Nutrition Is The Latest Rattler Hub

By: Sasha Williams
Strike Nutrition Is The Latest Rattler Hub

FAMU’s softball coach of six years, Camise Patterson, affectionately known as Coach P, has opened a nutritional spot called Strike Nutrition, which focuses on selling wellness products and creating a “safe space and a welcoming atmosphere” for FAMU students, faculty and alumni.

Starting in November 2020 and then becoming a mobile nutrition club in July 2022, Strike Nutrition officially opened as a restaurant on Jan. 8, 2022, at its new location on N. Monroe St.

“Strike is something that stood out to me, and when I decided on Strike Nutrition, my dad suggested I call it the Rattler strike to tie it back to FAMU and softball,” said Coach P. 

Strike Nutrition aims to be “FAMU focused and FAMU forward” because most restaurants and shops in Tallahassee are more oriented towards FSU students. Much of their menu pays homage to FAMU, like Venom Express or the Strike Energy Tea.  “Everything is go rattlers, everything is hashtag FAMU, and everything hashtag HBCU before its FSU and Noles. I think a lot of times on social media, we look for things associated with HBCUs and FAMU and Rattlers, and it is hard to find because everything is focused on the school across the street,” said Coach P.  

She wants to make Strike Nutrition a Rattler hub, not only to eat and drink nutritionally, but to create a safe space and comfortable place to have study groups and hang out.

Coach P has done a sample drop-off to FAMU athletics so they can try the products to show that Strike Nutrition is “Black-owned, FAMU owned, and FAMU operated.”

“It’s cool to have a first hand experience with Strike Nutrition because she did bring samples of the products, and I did go to the grand opening,” said FAMU student and softball player Janae Mobley. “I got to see Coach P outside of her softball element and see how proud she was about what she is doing.”

Although Strike Nutrition provides nutritional drinks and treats, they are meant to be tasty and enjoyable too. The menu offers so many different options like shakes, energy teas, sports and fitness drinks, and protein donuts. The wellness products sold are healthier options that are vegan, heart-healthy, low sugar, and immunity boosters. 

“You can start with what you put into your mouth to feel better, and you can start at Strike Nutrition,” said Coach P.  

FAMU student and customer of Strike Nutrition Calesia Bradley said, “I tried Strike Nutrition for the first time, and I loved it. My favorite drink was the strike energy tea with some mini donuts to go with it.”

Since Coach P is also a certified personal trainer, Strike Nutrition will serve wellness products and tie them to her training business called “Cap Fitness” provide fitness and help people learn that you can enjoy exercising while eating and drinking healthy.  

Within the following year, Strike Nutrition plans on helping people understand how to exercise and help people get and stay active. There will be more monthly challenges for getting weighed and hosting a fit camp that would be free to the public.

Once a month, Strike Nutrition would also like to host self-care Sunday vending events to promote other Black businesses in Tallahassee. There will also be other events like karaoke, spoken word, and movie nights to make Strike Nutrition enjoyable and keep an intimate feel for customers.

Strike Nutrition is looking forward to becoming a place for the community, especially rattlers, to enjoy and make this Black-owned business the new hangout spot to eat and drink healthy and be the talk of the town. 

“Strike Nutrition is a smaller space, so we want it to be intimate, we want you to feel like you are family because you are family,” said Coach P.

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