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FAMU’s Finest ’24: Steven Pierre

By: Tianna Fannell | Staff Writer
FAMU’s Finest ’24: Steven Pierre

Raised in the heart of Immokalee, Florida, Steven Pierre transformed the ordinary into something extraordinary with his vivid imagination. He saw the world through a lens of possibilities, turning his small, quiet hometown into a vast playground. Whether it was conjuring up snake encounters or concealing himself in the woods from college students engaged in paintball battles, Steven explored the bounds of his creativity. This was the imagination at work, the hallmark of a true creator. Like all children with a rich imagination, Steven’s early adventures laid the foundation for his creative pursuits, demonstrating that behind every innovator is a child who dared to dream.

“I had a very vast imagination as a kid and found fun in almost anything, so I created an adventure in everything I did.” Steven said.

Now in his junior year at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU), Steven Pierre’s move from Immokalee to Tallahassee marked a pivotal shift in his life, deeply aligning with his desire to be part of a community that mirrors his heritage and ambitions. This transition was a step towards realizing a dream. It was at FAMU that Steven found a passion that perfectly married his love for personal development and creativity: photography.

“My greatest achievement since I’ve been here has been my photography,” Steven said. “Photography is art and music is art and lately photography has become my favorite song”

Through photography, Steven found a compelling way to express himself and document the world around him. His personal project, “2TrillPics,” became a canvas for his exploration, allowing him to capture the essence of campus life and the stories of those within his community. This endeavor transformed into more than just a hobby; it became a means of storytelling, a way to preserve moments and highlight the diverse, vibrant spirit of FAMU.

Steven’s passion for photography takes center stage in his vision for the future. Within five years, he dreams of establishing a flourishing photography studio in Fort Myers, Florida, transforming his love for capturing life’s moments into a lasting legacy. Alongside this creative ambition, Steven is also focused on his academic pursuits in health consultancy, aiming to secure a position with leading firms like Moffitt or Accenture. He sees the potential for working from the vibrant cityscape of Dallas, Texas, balancing his professional aspirations with his creative endeavors. This vision highlights Steven’s multifaceted ambitions, demonstrating his commitment to both his career and personal passions.

What sets Steven apart is not just his ambition or creative prowess but his unwavering genuineness. Raised by a loving mother to be a beacon of kindness, Steven’s interactions are infused with warmth and sincerity. Whether it’s through simple acts of kindness or the energy he brings into a room, Steven embodies the spirit of giving without expectation.

“My mother taught me to be a loving person, so I try my best to give out good energy,” Steven said.  “Whether if it’s holding the door open, giving out compliments, or just getting someone some food I genuinely love to show love.”

Steven’s experience at FAMU stands as a powerful example of the personal growth and resilience that flourish when one steps beyond their comfort zone. He offers impactful advice to incoming students.

“Leave all your preconceived notions at home because if you take them with you, you’ll never feel happy about being here,” Steven said.“Make FAMU yours not what you hear from other people or see on the internet. Don’t stay in your room when you get here, try to make friends and explore everything FAMU has to offer.”

When asked about the first action he’d take if he suddenly found himself with 8 million dollars, Steven’s response was heartfelt and grounded in gratitude. His priority would be to purchase a new house for his mother in Haiti and renovate her current one. This gesture illustrates his deep appreciation and love for his mother. It reflects his desire to give back to the person who has supported him through thick and thin, showcasing his respect and recognition for the sacrifices she has made. By choosing to invest in his mother’s happiness and security, Steven’s answer not only highlights his genuine spirit but also his grounded priorities.

Steven Pierre’s journey as a Rattler, marked by ambition and creativity, is deeply influenced by the love he learned from his mother and the joy he finds in his friendships. His mother taught him the value of love, shaping his ability to connect and share with others, while his love for his friends sparked his passion for photography. Capturing their moments brought him joy, inspiring him to start his photography business. This combination of maternal love and friendship has fueled Steven’s path, blending his personal connections into a professional passion that captures beauty through his lens.