Lifestyle | February 22nd, 2023

Solo Dates — How to Date Yourself and Fall in Love

By: Alise Sloan
Solo Dates — How to Date Yourself and Fall in Love

Many people desire romance but lose themselves in that pursuit that they think will complete them. In the words of Lizzo, solo dates allow people to “love yourself as nobody can.”

Solo dates are self-care but in the form of a date where the person is treating themself. The only rule is that whatever activity you choose has to be unattended. Solo daters also wear an outfit that brings out their confidence and does something they love.  

How to Start the Solo Date Experience

  1. Set the mood
  2. Get dressed up
  3. Do an activity you love alone
  4. Be present and enjoy

Start the solo date by setting the ambiance with candles and favorite music to get in the mood for a great day. Dance parties are welcome.

The next step is to dress up. The intention is to look good for yourself, not attract a soulmate. Lifestyle influencer Maya Galore stated, “Looking good is relative. You have to do what makes you feel the most beautiful and confident. Develop your own aesthetic with your clothes, hair, fragrance, and makeup if you choose to wear it.”

According to a study by the Alvarna group in the Atlantic Journal, “The women feel confident only when they are perfect. Or practically perfect.” Fixing up by your standards goes against that because you appreciate unique aspects of yourself. Putting in that effort for yourself enables others and permits them to do the same thing in return.

The Confidence Code stated, “Beauty and self-worth are echoes. When you feel it, it allows others to feel it.” Everyone can teach people how they like to be loved by showing them. When people are used to putting themselves together, it can become a habit for them, and then it’s easy when it becomes time to get ready for anything in life.  

Find a Fun Activity

On a solo date, people can do an activity they love, such as savoring a delicious meal, having a picnic in the park, journaling while enjoying a good view, or listening to a live band. Be present in the moment.

Also, take some time to reflect on yourself and how to get better. Make a list of interests, goals, and experiences to try. Also, go deep and think of people to forgive, areas of life that need growth, be honest with feelings, listen to God if you are spiritual, meditate and think about issues that need resolution.

It’s a time to enjoy time by yourself, and intentional self-love can positively affect every area of life. 

 Some people have to adjust to being on solo dates alone, especially in public, when they are concerned about what people think. Get over the idea that it is dumb or lonely because being comfortable in your skin is worth it. The only way to face that fear is to get out and be alone.

It doesn’t have to be an excellent grand gesture such as eating alone in a crowded restaurant and can build over time with baby steps. It can be started with a quiet night at home alone and becoming comfortable in your own space. After that, take a walk in the park, visit a museum, or attend an event alone. People eventually begin to enjoy their own company and develop their interests. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Tallahassee resident Taylor Montgomery treated herself to a fancy dinner at Harry’s. She stated, “I’ve wanted to eat at this restaurant for a long time. I got paid and decided to come by myself. I can’t believe it took me months to come here and have this foodie dream.” 

Georgia resident John Hardy came to Tallahassee for a day and enjoyed himself after a rough week. He walked around Cascades Park and said, “I needed this day. I played my favorite playlist on the way here, went shopping, ate lunch at El Jalisco, and ended the day with this. I lived it up today and cleared my head.” 

Solo dates can be a significant contribution to personal growth. They help people romanticize life and make them content with life, whether single or dating. Some people still do solo dates even in a relationship, so they don’t lose sight of themselves and put their worth in another person.

Science Direct states, “A study found that authenticity is associated with emotional intelligence and positive relational outcomes, resulting in a secure attachment style.” Their self-love journey cultivates qualities that empower them and allows them to find the person that loves them authentically as a bonus.