Culture | April 9th, 2018

She nailed it !

By: Destiny Mcintosh
She nailed it !

From the sunny south to the capital city, this young entrepreneur is creating a lane of her own and demolishing the industry along the way.

Sydnee Freeman, 22, was like any normal college student. She loved the glitz and glam that came along with college life. After realizing her own talents and wanting something affordable for all college students she began to brainstorm on what services would best fit college students.

Florida A&M University as we know is full of makeup artists, designers, models, and the list goes on. But Freeman wanted to stand out and fulfill the needs of students. “Yes, this business has its setbacks being that I am a young entrepreneur and some people tend to take advantage of it but it is all a lesson learned at the end of the day,” Freeman said.

She decided to become a nail technician. This self-taught technician began trying things out by watching You Tube tutorials and do it yourself vlogs out of her Tallahassee apartment. Now she is in a salon expanding her craft and evolving as a young entrepreneur as well as an individual.

Autumn Thomas, one of Freemans’ most loyal customers, said, “Her prices are the best. She works with you and gives you what you expect. If I bring in a picture of how I want my nails, she either comes close to it or surpasses it.”

Thomas has been going to Freeman for years and does not plan on switching it up any time soon.

“I never thought I would be where I am today, this started as a hustle and became a career,” Freeman said. At first she wanted to provide a service affordable for college students while being a student herself. Tiffanie Hatcher went to school with Freeman and was shocked after seeing the before and after product. “Before we would struggle to figure out how to get the nails to stick and now being the coffin princess, she has really come along way,” said Hatcher.

Freeman goes by the name artistryximan. The name is a mixture of her middle name and her passion for art. She decided that majoring in English with a concentration in creative writing was not the path she wanted to go down anymore.

The motive behind everything is her three brothers: Wallace, Ashton, and Maurice. She hopes to be the sister they can always depend on. As for her talents her ultimate goal is to reach her full potential as a nail technician. She works full time at Bella’s’ Beauty Bar and walk-ins are welcome anytime.