Fashion | February 2nd, 2023

Shaun Kamryn Turns her Dream Into a Reality

By: Kayla Delcham
Shaun Kamryn Turns her Dream Into a Reality

Passion, vision, and execution are all it takes to make your dreams a reality; luckily for Shaun Kamryn, she has it all. Kamryn, a second-year Fine Arts scholar, has a riveting passion for fashion. She decided to make her passion a reality by founding her business, Noval Treasures.

“Noval Treasures was established in May 2021. My business started with jewelry making and later evolved to crocheting clothing and accessories,” said Kamryn. 

Unsurprisingly, Kamryn’s love for fashion did not begin here. Stylistic expression runs deep in Kamryn’s bloodline. 

“The gifts that I was born with were passed down to me. My grandmother is a seamstress, and my mother knows how to sew,” said Kamryn. “I’ve been fascinated by fashion ever since I was a child. I knew that I was going to be a fashion designer. I’ve been saying that since I was 4 or 5 years old.”

However, Kamryn did not always know crocheting would be her outlet for expression. Although her older sister crocheted, Kamryn always assumed that it would be too difficult of a craft to pick up. 

In the spring semester of 2021, Kamryn found herself going through a major depressive episode. Kamryn became exhausted from the tedious process of making jewelry and decided it was time for a change. 

“I worked at Michael’s at the time, so I was always running into other crafters and people who crochet,” Kamryn said. “So I decided, ‘Let me just let me just try it,’ and I picked it up instantly.” 

From that moment on, Kamryn’s creativity was limitless. She realized that learning to crochet opened up a new avenue of stylistic expression.

“I [came to college] to study costume design because I also know how to sew,” said Kamryn. “Then, once I learned to crochet, I realized I could use this craft to make other types of art, not just costumes.” 

Kamryn’s crocheting journey started with creating crochet bucket hats. After receiving impressive feedback about her work, she expanded her portfolio. Kamryn now hand-crafts dresses, mini-skirts, and other accessories. 

Kamryn earned notoriety due to her company expansion when she was invited to apply to have her work featured in an Atlanta fashion show.



Photo of models Kenai, Mawuena, Shanice, Bella (left to right) and Kamryn (in the middle) at the MANIA Fashion Show in Atlanta. Photo Credit: @novaltreasures on Instagram.

“The theme I was given was ‘winter wonderland,’ and from there, I immediately drew my pieces,” said Kamryn. “I had the models that I wanted. I knew their sizes. I chose the music, and then we did a fitting.” 

About a week and a half later, Kamryn submitted her work, and the judges selected Kamryn to display her work. 

Kamryn described this as an experience she would never forget. “This [experience was] everything I could have imagined,” said Kamryn. “These women were walking in my pieces, and it was mind-blowing.” 

However, to execute this accomplishment, Kamryn had to dedicate countless hours to each piece. It usually takes Kamryn anywhere from 45 minutes to 16 hours to create an article of clothing. Nonetheless, she continues to stay motivated no matter how long it takes.

“Recognizing that I can use my hands to create and build whatever I want motivates me,” said Kamryn. “I can create anything I want to do as long as I sit and do it.” 


Kamryn’s work modeled by Micai and Jervaris at a fall 2022 fashion show. Photo Credit: @novaltreasures on Instagram.

Besides her intrinsic motivators, Kamryn expresses that she receives generous support from loved ones. They are who truly motivate her. 

“My mom and dad come to my shows and always repost my content,” said Kamryn. “They always tell me that this is something I’m blessed with because it doesn’t come naturally to everybody, especially using a hook and yarn to create a masterpiece.” 

Although Kamryn receives a lot of support from her household, she also expressed how the Tallahassee community could help her expand her platform. 

“I’m just ready to do other projects,” said Kamryn. “My community could let me know what they want to see or what colors they want to see implemented. Also, a simple repost can go a long way.” 

This continued entrepreneurship journey has been challenging for the young fashion icon. However, she is undoubtedly finding her way around the fashion world. The biggest lesson she’s learned so far is not to be afraid of failure and jump into every opportunity confidently. 

“Be confident in yourself, even though it is hard at times, especially comparing yourself to other people in your field,” said Kamryn. “We’re unique in our ways. We all have different audiences. We have a different purpose, a different lane. Just be confident and know that what you’re doing is what you’re supposed to do.” 

Kamryn’s clothing and jewelry catalog can be found via her Instagram account, @novaltreasures