Lifestyle | December 5th, 2023

Score Big with Flavor: Conyers’ Culinary Gem

By: Tinisha Jones
Score Big with Flavor: Conyers’ Culinary Gem

As the excitement builds for the Cricket Celebration Bowl in Atlanta, students from Florida A&M University are gearing up for a weekend of football thrills, school spirit, and, of course, unforgettable dining experiences. For those seeking a delicious escape just a few miles away from the game-day action, Two Eggs! in the Atlanta suburb of Conyers emerges as the perfect dining destination. Two Eggs! is a must-visit for students celebrating the festivities in Atlanta.

Located in the heart of Conyers, Two Eggs! is a culinary gem that has the perfect vibe for dining with family or friends.

The restaurant’s vibrant and welcoming atmosphere creates a setting that is ideal for students looking to unwind, celebrate, and enjoy a memorable meal. Whether you’re a local or a visitor in town for the Celebration Bowl, Two Eggs! promises an experience that reflects the lively spirit of the occasion.

It offers a game-changing menu. Prepare your taste buds for a journey that rivals the action on the football field. You can select from mouthwatering appetizers to sizzling entrees, the chefs at Two Eggs! have crafted a winning lineup that will leave you satisfied and fueled for the festivities.

Must-Try Signature Dishes:

  1. Shrimp & grits: A burst of flavors that include white cheddar grits topped with a delectable sauce, onions, peppers, and sliced chicken sausage. Served with a biscuit or toast.
  2. Veggie Q Bowl: Bowl of delights featuring quinoa, eggs, spinach, mushrooms, onions, cherry tomatoes, avocado sauce and a dash of chopped parsley. It is packed with unique flavors that will leave you cheering for more. Served with a biscuit or toast.
  3. Beignets: Four delicious, warm, and flaky beignets, topped with powdered sugar and served with a fresh homemade strawberry sauce. This ensures your taste buds take home the trophy.

No celebration is complete without a toast to success, and Two Eggs! delivers with a well-stocked bar featuring local craft beers, signature cocktails and a carefully curated list of mimosas. Raise your glass to victory as you dine in with other students and football fans.

As you gear up for the Celebration Bowl festivities in Atlanta, extend your experience to Conyers with a visit to Two Eggs! With its inviting ambiance, specials, and a menu that caters to student tastes, this restaurant promises a dining experience that’s a touchdown in every sense.

Secure your spot, bring your celebration spirit, and get ready to chow down.