Campus Life | August 19th, 2022

Rattler Survival Guide: Fall 2022 Semester

By: Mycah Brown
Rattler Survival Guide: Fall 2022 Semester

It’s the middle of August and Rattlers across the country are looking forward to a safe and exciting return to the Highest of Seven Hills. With the first week of classes quickly approaching, it’s imperative that students, new and old, have an idea of what to expect so that they can ensure a successful fall semester. 

Luckily, we spoke to a university professor and a few upperclassmen to put together this “Rattler Survival Guide,” to help not only incoming freshmen and transfer students, but returning Rattlers as well to prepare for what is to come!

With nearly 3,000 students arriving in the incoming freshman class and the current housing crisis that has caused many of them to have to live off-campus and bring their cars, parking has become a big concern for a lot of students.

Jeanine Tuffet, a third-year, second-semester Nursing student said that parking will be a big problem now, if it wasn’t one already.

“During the first week of class especially, factor in time for parking, walking to class and finding your classes,” said Tuffet.

Many students use the first week of class as an opportunity to meet their new classmates and network, because coursework hasn’t picked up so heavily just yet. Senior Biology Pre-Med student, Deekayla Gedeon, said that she doesn’t expect to automatically jump into class material.

“By the end of the week, there’s a completely new roster. On the first day not everyone is registered yet and some people end up dropping classes,” said Gedeon.

She emphasized the importance of sorting out all of your registration and financial aid needs before school officially begins, so that you’re not missing classes or stuck waiting along with the many other students who will also need assistance.

Anybody who has ever attended FAMU knows how much of a community it truly is. Nia Roberts, a second-year Broadcast Journalism student, said that new Rattlers will have to get used to introducing themselves. That’s the only way you’ll truly get to experience the benefits of being part of the FAMUly.

“I learned that you never have to go through things alone. There’s always someone to go to for help with anything,” said Roberts.

Similarly, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dr. Tiffany Ardley said that students should always reach out to any member of the university’s staff if they need help.

 “Faculty are concerned about the wellbeing of students and direct them to any resources that they need,” said Dr. Ardley.

Dr. Ardley listed both the math lab, writing lab and counseling center as good starting points for students who want extra assistance with their coursework. 


Set yourself up for a striking semester!

Take advantage of all the opportunities our campus has to offer. There are a plethora of on campus organizations catered to not only your hobbies and interests, but your desired career field as well. Many of them have helped students gain scholarship and internship opportunities.

But if you don’t put yourself out there, you can really miss out on a lot. Always remember that you get what you put in at FAMU. So you have to place yourself in a position to ensure success, because nobody else can do that for you. Also remember, “closed mouths don’t get fed” – it is imperative that you advocate for yourself and voice any and every thing you need. The resources are here and available, but you must be responsible enough to utilize them while you can. 


Rattler Survival Guide:

  1. If your classes are already posted on Canvas, look at your syllabus and take note of important dates on your calendar so that you can map out the semester.
  2. Factor in time for parking, walking to class and finding your class so that you’re not late.
  3. Get used to introducing yourself and networking, because these connections could open up a lot of opportunities for you.
  4. Find a good balance between your academics and social life by improving your time management skills.
  5. Get to know your professors and ask for help when necessary.
  6. Utilize any available resources! They are here to ensure your success.
  7. Get involved in various clubs and organizations, especially those catered to your desired career field.
  8. Stay true to yourself!