Lifestyle | February 4th, 2024

Progressive Pathways and the Key Steps Towards Long- Term Evolution

By: Jewel Wells | Staff Writer
Progressive Pathways and the Key Steps Towards Long- Term Evolution

 As the world constantly progresses, the desire for self-development and evolution is a common trend among the masses. Every year when the clock strikes midnight and our phones display January 1st, many of us find ourselves committing to decisions that challenge past habits hoping to create a promisingly revised future. Many however are left struggling to maintain such expectations, simply unaware of the key factors that will develop their evolution into their current reality. 

The Defining Moment of growth: Self Reflection. 

 For some, the thought of complete evolution and personal development seems rather unreasonable and difficult to achieve. With a few intentional steps, however, the defining moments of progress can become quite clear and promising for a new future. Many of us have heard the quote “The first step in solving a problem is admitting there is a problem to be solved.” This commonly used phrase emphasizes how the simple acknowledgment of one’s weaknesses heavily impacts many forms of personal development and success. To acknowledge a weakness is to find a future strength, when you can identify the qualities that you lack you can make room for the things you seek to gain. Developing self-awareness is crucial, and Gökbayrak’s medical review emphasizes its significance in personal growth stating, self-awareness and mindfulness improvement led to the improvement of, “ self-acceptance, self-confidence, proactivity, and stress related to social interactions.” Now that we are aware of the beginning step to achieving self-developing goals, we realize the simple act of setting goals encourages an evolved future. 

Understanding your weaknesses: Placing solutions behind your Problems. 

 Gaining deeper insight into your weaknesses generally requires self-awareness. The ability to acknowledge your failures is largely related to your personal evolution. The next step after self reflection, is finding personal solutions to your challenges.

 First-year broadcast journalism Student Cameron Young shared his routine of self-reflection and goals setting. “I sit down and try to plan out my day, every day I have a checklist that I fill out every single time throughout the day”.

 Young follows by stating “while I am doing six things at once, I’m doing bit by bit each day.”  The act of creating solutions to self-identified tasks can be very helpful for those who intend to evolve, making a world of difference towards achieving goals. According to William (2023), in “The Power of Self-Awareness in Personal Growth and Therapy,” the significance of self-awareness is explored. The article states that “Various therapeutic approaches can help enhance self-awareness”, which also discusses the extreme value of helpful outlets. Therapy and online resources such as articles, wellness videos, and other acts of strengthening self-awareness play a major factor in following through with goals. 

Mindset over Matters: Finding a Future of Success in Failure. 

      Many of us who hope to find self-evolution within our goals have several expectations for success:considering that it’s quite common to experience triumphs and trials while evolving, momentum is often lost and can even prevent some people from achieving the success they desire. One of the most pivotal changes is to adopt the mindset of self development author Tony Narams, who strongly states ,“We must allow ourselves to be adorned by lessons derived through hardships and challenges.” Narams intends to express that finding beauty in a challenge, allows for the momentum that is generally lost through trials to be appreciated, making room for higher self-reflection and active solutions. 

      While experiencing triumphs and setbacks seem like the exact opposite of what would be helpful to progress, overcoming challenges allows you the insight needed to become more prepared for future challenges. The presence of self-awareness, active solution-making, and the ability to perceive failures as learning points make a wonderful recipe for self-growth. In Caroline Castrillions’s 2019 Article, “Why Failure Leads To Career Success”, a unique study conducted by Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management comparing the publishing success of scientists who had received funding (the success group) with those who had not (the failure group) provided insight on how failure directly contributes to success. The evidence displayed “Those in the failure group were 6.1% more likely to publish a high-impact paper than those in the success group.” While it’s no secret that failure doesn’t feel great, failure at goals, experiences, and personal expectations has been shown to teach resilience and promote improvement when striving for success. 

Sealing success: Lasting insights for your continued evolution

      While there are many different ways to achieve goals and promote self development, studies and research have shown that consistent acts of self reflection, active solutions, along with the ability to utilize triumphs as a stepping stone to success, are impactful factors in the ability to evolve. Considering goal setting, particularly among the new year consistently appears, the ability to identify the key factors in personal evolution is essential in achieving personal development. Within these tools you will have gained the self consciousness, active solutions, and proper mindset to attack your goals all while promoting consistent self transformation.