Entertainment | December 11th, 2023

PHABRIK: The Band Threading Through Sound

By: Nina Shortt
PHABRIK: The Band Threading Through Sound

Threading a musical imprint into hearts and souls, Pharikband is a band that weaves emotions into neo-soul music. The musical duo started in the spring of 2021 by Boma, a fourth-year Florida A&M University student, and Meganeileen, a fourth-year Florida State University student.

Their love for music has driven their ability to break boundaries within their sound.

Both musicians developed an appreciation for music at a young age.

Meganeileen was immersed in her mother’s performing arts school and inspired by her father’s involvement in a band. Boma found his passion for music being surrounded by his uncles and cousins, who were influenced by rap and hip-hop during their studio sessions.

He says he began to love the feeling of spitting rhythms on the beat the more he practiced.

“I feel up in the sky when I make music, my body be racing. I feel like it’s therapeutic. All my anxiety is gone, and I’m more in the beat,” Boma said. “I’m in my pen and pad, and I’m thinking about what I want to say on the track like it’s just relaxing for me. It’s like a form of journaling.”

Boma met Meganeileen while she was marching to the rhythm of music at Potbelly’s, and from that moment, their story became a melody. As they began their music together, they found it easy to mesh their sound when they realized they had similar tastes in music and artists.

Captivated by the ambiance of melodies, their inspiration comes from the vibes of Aaron Parkinson and Cleo Sol.

“Cleo Sol’s warm, loving sound, regardless of what you’re technically saying, always feels like a hug, but also something you could dance to,” Meganeileen said.

As for making music together, their process is relaxing, surrounded by warm colors, which is the mood they are in while creating. The mood they portray allows their mind to output what’s on their mind, “As if it was breathing,” Pharikband said.

Their first performance was their best and most impactful show to them because of the immediate trance the music puts on their souls. As they performed with their drummer, Lawrence Turner, their Keyboardist, Thomas Greer, and Aaron McNamara as bass player, everything came together.

“I’m always thinking until the music starts, and then when the music starts, I’m gone. I’m not even thinking anymore, just performing. I love it,” Boma said.

They plan to drop a record in 2024, and they will continue to perform around Tallahassee. As they are affected by the out-of-body experience while performing, they hope their music touches others the same way it touches them. As music intertwines with fabric, the texture of their sound becomes clearer when together.

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