Sports | February 13th, 2024

NFL ‘Experienceship’: FAMU Students Selected

By: Autumn Haddox
NFL ‘Experienceship’: FAMU Students Selected

NFL HBCU “experienceships” are launched by NFL Football Operations to connect undergraduate, first-year master’s, or law candidates interested in a career in sports and entertainment with opportunities to develop and learn about the business through practical learning and shadowing experiences. This initiative, designed to provide opportunities for students interested in various aspects of the NFL, is a testament to the talent and potential found within HBCUs.

The “experienceship” program allows the opportunity to build a demonstration on addressing and solving real business problems within the NFL. This program comprises students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities across the nation. The selected students present their results from the “expereinceship” in New York City or Los Angeles in front of NFL staff. The winning team attends the 2024 NFL draft.

Germaine Bozeman, a junior public relations scholar, and Markayla Oats, a senior public relations scholar, have been selected to participate in the NFL HBCU “Experienceship.” The awarding of the “Experienceship” by two FAMU students only inspires not only students of FAMU’s School of Journalism, but all students amongst the campus. It reveals to students of the campus that their journey throughout college does mean something and with the proper work and determination this too can be them. While some may feel students of Historically Black Colleges and University’s do not have “as many” resources, time and time again we prove that our students are just as valuable.

FAMU, known for its strong academic programs and commitment to nurturing talent, takes pride in the achievements of its students. The university’s emphasis on providing career field based experiences alongside academic learning has undoubtedly contributed to the success of these students in securing such a coveted opportunity.

The two FAMU students, along with others selected from HBCUS around, will embark on a unique journey within the NFL, gaining firsthand experience in areas such as sports management, marketing, and operations. The ‘Experienceship’ offers them a platform to learn from seasoned professionals, participate in hands-on projects, and immerse themselves in the inner workings of one of the most prominent sports organizations globally.

The selection of these two FAMU students for the NFL HBCU ‘Experienceship’ reflects not only their individual achievements but also the collective strength and promise of HBCU institutions in shaping the future of various professional arenas. It serves as an inspiration for current and future students, reaffirming the value of perseverance, dedication, and allowing opportunities for professional growth.