Music and Movie Reviews | April 21st, 2020

Music Spotlight: Top 5 New Songs to Jam During This Time

By: Beyla Walker
Music Spotlight: Top 5 New Songs to Jam During This Time

As COVID-19 continues to put a pause on the lives of millions across the globe, it hasn’t hindered music artists from releasing hit after hit. New music released within the past month has given listeners something to look forward to during isolation. Here are five new songs that fans can’t seem to get enough of. 

1.“Bored in the House” by Tyga & Curtis Roach 

"Toosie Slide"  Photo courtesy

“Bored in the House” – Photo courtesy

The title of this song is a literal description of some, if not most, of college students’ lives since the mandatory stay-at-home orders were implemented in hopes to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. To be able to create new music that is entertaining during a time where it seems as though the whole world is at a standstill is admirable. Tyga and Curtis Roach did just that with the song’s

catchy beat and its simplistic lyricism that relates to all the time the world has on its hands. 

2.“Toosie Slide” by Drake 

“Toosie Slide” – Photo courtesy

To begin, Drake is a mastermind. Fans raved over the new hit as it seems as if the new single were made specifically for the trending app, TikTok. Individuals instantly hopped on the dance train when the song was released two weeks ago. People could not resist the urge to jump off the couch that they have surely been lounging on for the past month and learn the moves that coordinated with the

lyrics of the song. Videos with the lyrics, “It go right foot up, left foot, slide,” were plastered on social media feeds since the song was released. 

3.“Quarantine Clean” by Turbo, Gunna & Young Thug 

“Quarantine Clean” – Photo courtesy

Moving on to a single that is ironically not about the actual pandemic and has shocked the nation despite its title. “Quarantine Clean” has a laidback beat that is perfect for DJ’s to spin during the popular virtual dance parties that have been occurring via Instagram and Facebook live. If there is one good thing that has come out of the worldwide COVID-19 isolation is the ability for people across the nation to be able to engage with one another. Besides, at least this way individuals do not have to worry about the party getting busted for noise disturbances. It sounds like a win-win for neighbors and rowdy college students alike. 


“PARTYMOBILE” – Photo courtesy

This song may not have anything to do with world peace but it has a blessing of its own. 

Barbadian singer Rihanna made her first song appearance in a few years on this collaboration track and fans are eating it up. Who doesn’t feel good hearing the beloved singer’s vocals after 3 prolonged years of silence? It is certainly a “hop in the car and ride out” song but for now, plug in those earphones and imagine driving on a never-ending road with a tropical sunset in your rearview mirror.

“Be a Light” by Thomas Rhett 

“Be a Light” – Photo courtesy

Lastly, here’s a genre switch for those whose playlist has a little bit of everything. This song by country artist Thomas Rhett reminds everyone to continue to be positive in a time such as this. It is very easy to be pessimistic while constantly viewing the news stories on the tragedies that are a result of COVID-19, but many blessings are occurring in homes across the nation that deserve praise. “Be a Light,” emphasizes the importance of uplifting one another in times of war and peace. It is the perfect tune, with the perfect message. 

Hats off to the artists who continue to bless our ears with new music every week.