Campus Life | October 25th, 2023

Market Monday: Homecoming Treasure

By: Michael Trim
Market Monday: Homecoming Treasure

As the beginning of homecoming week has concluded, that means another Market Monday is in the rearview. It is a great event that brings the Florida A&M community together to celebrate young and old entrepreneurs.

Giving local entrepreneurs a chance to showcase their products and bring more attention to their businesses. This recurring event, which happens on the Monday of homecoming each year, also gives business owners a chance to show their creativity and build connections with other business owners.

FAMU Style

A big aspect and highlight of Market Monday is the abundance of clothing brands that make their appearance. From FAMU apparel to student-made clothing brands, they were all a highlight of this year’s shopping experience. Some notable brands that made an appearance at this year’s Market Monday were DGE, Chosen Amir, Code Red and Fan of Me.

While all three brands specialize in streetwear, the versatility of these clothing brands is something really special. All brands were created and are currently operated by FAMU students, and while only three brands were named, they all have their own flare and style. One brand might put out a beefy tee, or one might drop some sweat suits for the fall and winter time. They may even drop a hat during the summer, but with all of the varying styles, it’s up to personal preference.

Jewelry to Bragg About

The jewelry sellers also make an appearance every Market Monday; whether it’s the vendors that sell the waist beads for the ladies or the ones that sell the hand jewelry, they are always going to be there. The eye-popping shade vendors also catch the student’s eyes. It is sunny in Tallahassee, Florida so a nice pair of shades will go a long way.

The impressive selection includes sport shades, round shades, and half frames just to name a few. I didn’t forget the earrings and bracelets also play a big role in making Market Monday a premier destination during homecoming week.

It was roughly 80 degrees for the majority of the event, so a refreshment is essential. This Market Monday had a lemonade stand right on the outskirts of the event, so right before you walk in you see the lemonade truck. The Truck provided students with a multitude of flavors: strawberry lemonade, mango lemonade, and obviously regular lemonade, and that lemonade isn’t any regular lemonade.

Shopping Tradition

Market Monday at Florida A&M is an essential event to kick homecoming off, it brings the campus environment together and it gives off a sense of family and togetherness as everyone comes to support one another. It gives students a shopping experience different from Set Friday, because of the amount of options.

It always provides us with a refreshment option to deal with the Florida heat, but it gives students another event to socialize at, create more memories, and discover who they are and what they like even more, and that is what FAMU is about.