Culture | March 8th, 2018

March marks the month of women

By: Brianna Hicks
March marks the month of women

Women’s History Month is an annual celebration done in March. The celebration highlights contributions by women from history and in in the world today. 2018 is the year of the woman. The stars are all aligned and have directed the path for women to be great. Stuck in a period, where the current president does not believe in respect for women, women across the country have taken a stand in protest to reclaim honor. Women host events of various kind and often men join in. Similar to Black History Month, Women’s History Month was initially a week-long celebration. It was not until March of 1987 that the event became a monthly and not until 1995 that March became the official month.

Women across the country are celebrating the month with venues, seminars, and luncheons. Here in Tallahassee, the Oasis Center for Women and Girls will host their tenth annual luncheon on March 23, 2018. The event will highlight women trailblazers and bring women in the community together for a time of laughter, good food and a good time.

One may ask what it means to be a woman and why do they celebrate this particular month. Ranya Salvant, CEO of a non-profit focusing on Black feminism said it’s about power. Salvant continued,”Being a “womxn” to me means being everything the world told you-you couldn’t be because of your gender and then being so much more. It’s about taking charge of our political agency to be and do for ourselves, instead of being objectified, subjugated and pushed out of male-dominated spaces. Being a “womxn” is power, strength, compassion, love, spirit, and intelligence. All of this is recognized, validated and praised during Women’s History Month – and the mission now is to continue this reverence and respect every day for the rest of human existence.”

The theme for many women is power and breaking barriers on every stereotype known. For some like model Amber Rose, it means to take back derogatory words such as b-tch, slut, and hoe. Rose host her annual “slutwalk”, which forces participants to take back the negative terms and use them for good. Women are often the target of negative terms simply because the opposition are afraid of progress.

Roslyn Blalock, a proud feminist from the 60’s and 70’s, says she equated feminism with racism in her era. Blalock continued to say “My father started this process by appealing to the supreme court in 1964 in my name for the desegregation of schools. Feminism like racism is a battle that you continue to fight through the experiences you go through in life. Always love yourself and support your vision, no matter how others feel about it.”

Women’s History History month has celebrated all March and can be observed in a variety of ways. Netflix is adding movies to the rotation that celebrate. Grab a friend and tell a neighbor that women are taking it all back!

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