| November 7th, 2022

Justina Valentine and Conceited Wild Out: Rattler Edition

By: Jaden Bowen and Jordan Forbes
Justina Valentine and Conceited Wild Out: Rattler Edition

Florida A&M University ended homecoming day three last week with the annual comedy show featuring Justina Valentine and Conceited, known for starring in MTV’s popular comedy-meets-hip-hop game series Wild ‘n Out. 

This is not the first time Wild ‘n Out stars have stepped foot on campus. Karlous Miller, Chico Bean, and B. Simone have also appeared in previous comedy shows.  

Pretty Vee and Desi Banks attended last year. 

Freshman computer science major Gregory Meeks had enjoyed his first homecoming and was looking forward to the comedy show, among other events.

“[Conceited and Valentine] are cool,” Meeks said. “I think they’re funny enough to hold their own, so we’re going to see.”

Meeks was one of the few who expressed their faith in Valentine’s comedic ability. Some admitted to having concerns about the comedienne’s performance and how she might handle being without her usual comedic partner D.C. Young Fly.  

Lavarius Foreman, a criminal justice student from Miami, trusts that Conceited will be able to hold his own compared to Valentine, who doesn’t “mesh well” with him.

“Without D.C. [Young Fly] I don’t think that she’ll be able to do it,” Foreman said. “But I know them from Wild ‘n Out and being funny on there, so I’m expecting the same thing here.” 

Still, students lined up outside the Al Lawson Center before the doors opened at 7 p.m.  

Many look forward to this event as it is considered a homecoming staple — representing this year’s theme, “The FAMU Experience,” well. However, as showtime grew closer, it was a noticeably smaller crowd compared to last year, only filling a select number of seat sections in the building.

It is unsure what contributed to the decrease in attendees this year, but live music provided by DJ Loosekid played to keep those present entertained while they waited for the main event. 

Co-hosts TLV and Nya Cummings announced Conceited and Valentine, who were welcomed to the stage with applause.

They treated the show like any other Wild ‘n Out episode, using bits and segments from the actual series.  

A few of the games consisted of competitions that allowed for people to come up and participate, but there were many moments where those pulled up to the stage were reluctant to engage or struggled to hold their own, and the comedians had to jump in and keep the crowd’s energy up.

“This was very unorganized,” Second-year business administration student Kyle Crawford said. “I feel like [Conceited and Valentine] tried with the Wild ‘n Out games, but people stopped trying. It just felt very thrown together, just like the rest of homecoming.”

Conceited and Valentine undoubtedly did their research before their appearance, using FAMU topics to evoke a reaction from the crowd.

During a bit titled “Wild Style,” both comedians referenced somewhat inside jokes among Rattlers about the housing crisis at the start of the semester, causing the audience to fill with overwhelming gasps and laughter.

“And everything you say is all ghetto. If you went to FAMU, I bet you’d live in Palmetto,” Valentine said.

Conceited responded with a more explicit comment about the Phase 3 apartments and their insect infestation, comparing Valentine’s likeness to it.

At the end of the show, students had a lot to say. Audience members tweeted their opinions using the hashtag #FAMUHAHA2022.

Some had constructive criticism toward the show, whether it was the crowd’s energy, the on-stage participation, or Conceited and Valentine’s comedic performance.

Others had a more positive outlook.

Freshman pre-med nursing student Linda Forestan, who competed at the start of the show and won $300, enjoyed everything about the event.

“I thought it was really fun,” Forestan said. “It really reminded me of back home how everyone used to crack jokes. It gave me a sense of everyone being themselves. It was like a vibe or a kickback and that’s what I liked.”

Although there were mixed reactions, the comedy show is still one to look forward to every year.