Culture | December 19th, 2019

Jewels Incorporated Adds Branch On FAMU’s Campus

By: Dejania Oliver
Jewels Incorporated Adds Branch On FAMU’s Campus

Jewels Incorporated, an organization dedicated to mentoring young girls and helping the community, has been added to Florida A&M University’s list of clubs this year.

Jewels was created in 2007 on Howard University’s campus in Washington D.C. Since then, other college campuses have chartered chapters on their campus including Duke University, Purdue University, and Norfolk State University.

A big part of the organization is about giving back. Cortney Steward, one of the charter members for the FAMU branch, said, “Last year around this time I felt that I wasn’t dedicating my time and giving back like I should’ve been and I saw one of my friends that attended Howard working with young girls, and I said to myself ‘FAMU and the Tallahassee community would truly benefit from this organization.’”

The young woman in this organization have already started doing work in Tallahassee. They hosted an event called “Headshot Day” to provide students an opportunity to take professional photos and they go to Fairview Middle School every Tuesday to mentor the young girls there.

Jaia Hicks, a sophomore and member of Jewels, believes the work they do is bigger than themselves. She said, “We are here to help the youth by opening their minds to the bigger picture and vision of life. We are here working with nothing in return but the for the greater good of our mentees and community.”

To the members of this organization, being a Jewel has a much deeper meaning. Once in the organization, they stress that the word jewel means something different than the dictionary definition.

Stewart said, “Being a Jewel means that you’re really ready to work and give your time and dedication for the whole purpose of our organization. It’s not a simple task but it’s worth it in the end after every Tuesday.”

With the Fall 2019 semester coming to an end, Jewels has started planning what they will do in the Spring. They plan to get bigger and make impactful change in the city of Tallahassee.

Sharisia Allen, a junior at FAMU and the fundraising and community chair, said she is excited for what is next. Allen said, “Volunteering, fundraising, Relay for Life, and mentoring… I’m excited for where we are going and the meaning behind Jewels, Inc.”

Jewels Incorporated is open for any young women to join. Allen said, “There is an application process to join Jewels, if you follow Jewels on Instagram more updates will be on our page to provide information!”