Campus Life | December 2nd, 2023

Impressions on Beauty Makes a Big Impression on Campus

By: Kevon Smith
Impressions on Beauty Makes a Big Impression on Campus

Impressions of Beauty, a college marketing company that creates a safe space for Black women at all HBCUs across the states, hosts on-campus events every fall and spring semester and partners with brands to empower black femininity.

What is Impressions of Beauty?

According to its website, the company prides itself on allowing students to identify with brands that were created for them. Helping them remain in touch with their femininity, they are a one-stop-shop for their partnership with other big-time companies.

Florida A&M University Alumna Ashlee W. Gomez is the founder and CEO of Impressions of Beauty and frequently returns to FAMU’s campus to give back to the women attending her alma mater.  

“I have always had a severe passion for beauty and haircare,” Gomez said. “I just saw that there was a need for college marketing specifically around multicultural college students.”

Gomez loves event planning and considers that to be the spark that caused Impressions of Beauty to come to be. Her drive to better promote women’s health and women’s beauty are what inspired the brand to grow into the value it possesses today.

The Brand’s Target Audience

As a trusted resource to many college campuses nationwide, Impressions of Beauty strives to enhance femininity and beauty by hosting on-campus events and having many student programs that produce leaders in the beauty industry.

Tallahassee local Tekeiyah Dupree’s experience with the company demonstrates that this brand affects students and everyday people.

“The brand impressions of beauty helped shape my everyday life by uplifting me and making me feel confident and beautiful just by being myself,” Dupree said. “I see the brand helping others by continuing to uplift others and giving tips and products to improve physical and mental health.”

Dupree says she sees the brand helping others by giving tips and products that could produce physical and mental health. Her confidence is vibrant and pure, and Impressions of Beauty is why.

Making A Mark on HBCU Campus

According to Beauty Independent, Impression of Beauty strives to provide genuine service to support the strong needs of HBCU campus queens.

Nineteen-year-old Nia Sessions is a Tallahassee local who has been following the company for years now.

“The Impressions of Beauty brand has helped shape my everyday life because it is refreshing seeing a brand that is catered to young women around my age,” Sessions said. “I enjoy seeing other women, especially Black women, being in tune with their beauty and taking care of themselves.”

Impressions of Beauty is not just a brand. It is a family.

Their focus is to empower students and local communities that no matter what, you must stay true to your femininity. It is okay to be yourself. It is okay to be you. And even if you feel like no one accepts you for who you are, you accept you for who you are.

That is what this brand represents: empowerment of women through confidence and beauty in the strongest way possible.