News | November 20th, 2023

Holiday Travels: The Fall of Fuel

By: Ashton Johnson
Holiday Travels: The Fall of Fuel

Traveling home for Thanksgiving just got a little sweeter now that gas prices have steadily decreased. Students feel a sense of relief as their pockets feel heavier just in time for their family and friend gatherings.  

With students hitting the road this week, the lower gas prices may shock some because of how much they have spent in the past for a full tank. 

The national average cost of gas is now $3.33, while a couple of months ago, the average was $3.84, according to AAA. The average gas price in Florida is now $3.04, 43 cents less than last year’s $3.47 per gallon. This pricing makes it some of the lowest price points since before the COVID-19 pandemic 2020.   

However, none of this would be happening if the price of crude oil had not fallen as well. Gasoline comes from crude oil after it is broken down into petroleum products by fractional distillation.  

One barrel of crude oil is now $77.63 when the average cost last year was about $79.73.  

Pocket Watching  

This reduction is perfect for the millions of college students, like second-year business administration student Christian Tate, who have been counting every cent to fill their tanks.  

“I’ve spent $62 maximum to fill up my Chevrolet Malibu,” Tate said. “ My pockets feel happier now that I won’t spend $60 to fill up. I can spend a cool $45 to $50 now.” 

Others who had cars their first year, like Ayanna Clark, a second-year economics student, say gas stations look slightly different than last year. 

“When I pass gas stations, it’s like $3.15 to $3.05,” Clark said. “I remember last year it was $3.30 to $3.45, which isn’t bad, but it does start to add up.” 

Third-year secondary English education student Shanteria Gordon usually spends about $45 to fill her 2014 Nissan Altima.  

When the holidays are over, she expects prices to go back up. 

“I think that it will go up after the holidays because it’s always high in Tallahassee,” Gordon said.  

Prices could go up after the holidays, but until then, citizens will continue to enjoy the holidays with less worry.  

Places to go in Tallahassee  

Now that the prices are lower, knowing which gas station can give you more bang for your buck is essential.  

Tallahassee’s top 10 gas stations have their prices set to just below $3.00. Murphy USA in Crawfordville is $2.84, Murphy Express on W Tennessee is $2.89, and Circle K on N Monroe St is at the same value. Students and Tallahassee residents can find more pricing through Gas Buddy’s website

A little additional holiday cheer is added by the drop in gas costs as students and families around the country prepare for Thanksgiving.  

Reduced fuel prices are an unexpected gift when many search for reasons to be grateful. The decrease in gas prices is a pleasant companion on the drive to spend Thanksgiving with family and friends, whether you are driving close or far.