Lifestyle | December 13th, 2023

Holiday Gifts $25 and Under

By: Chelsea Blake
Holiday Gifts $25 and Under

Tis’ the season for gift-giving! Are you having trouble finding the perfect Christmas gift for your friends and family?

This holiday season, Journey Magazine is presenting you with five special Christmas gifts that will bring some holiday cheer.

Whether it is a new scarf for your mom or brand-new headphones for your college bestie, nothing can beat a good stocking stuffer full of essentials.


Graphics: Chelsea Blake

Beauty & Self-Care

Jolly and Juicy Strawberry Treats at The Body Shop

For those friends who are looking to elevate their body care this season, we have the perfect gift. As the weather gets colder and colder this holiday, a gift set can be found at Ulta Beauty, both in-store and online, for only $12. Whether it be a gift to your mom or family friend, who doesn’t love to smell good?

A Comfy New Robe

A nice, soft and plush spa robe would also be a great gift for FAMU girls for their self-care nights or FAMU guys to just lounge around in.

Wrap your loved ones in warmth and luxury with the gift of a new robe. It’s not just a boring piece of clothing as some people might suggest. It means a lot more to people than most would think; it’s a cozy embrace, a symbol of comfort, and a touch of everyday indulgence that is very much deserved for hardworking students at FAMU. You can find a nice robe at TJMaxx, Marshalls, Forever21, etc., for just under $25.

Makeup Brush Set

This Christmas, give the gift of glamour and elegance with the perfect makeup brush set.

This thoughtful gift adds a touch of luxury to the holiday season and serves as an essential tool kit for creating stunning makeup looks year-round. You can find different varieties of makeup brushes at Ulta, Sephora, and TJMaxx, all under just $25.

Perfumes and Fragrances

A fragrance gift set is more than a present; it’s a symphony of scents that captivates and lingers, leaving a trail that smells so good. You can find many affordable perfume sets by Ariana Grande, Philosophy, and more at TJMaxx and Marshall’s for just $25

School Essentials

Academic planner

Consider gifting the perfect tool for organization and productivity: a stylish and functional planner.

A planner is not just a gift. It’s a thoughtful gesture that helps your loved ones manage their time effectively and achieve their goals in the coming school year. Choose a planner that reflects their personality, whether it’s a sleek and professional design for the workaholic, a vibrant and artistic layout for the creative spirit, or a compact and portable version for the on-the-go individual.

As we exchange these gifts full of affection during this festive season, let’s remember that the true magic of Christmas gifts lies in the shared moments, the laughter, happiness it brings ourselves and loved ones. May these gifts symbolize the love and connections that make the holiday season truly special.