Entertainment | October 11th, 2019

Hip-Hop on the Hill

By: A-Chai'A Jackson
Hip-Hop on the Hill

On Oct. 2, at FAMU’s homecoming hip-hop concert was held at the Al Lawson Multipurpose Center. This event included guest performances by hip-hop artists such as Lil Baby, Kash Doll and Ball Greezy.

According to the concert flyer, students were encouraged to donate a can good for free entry in accordance with Hurricane Dorian relief. Boxes were stationed at the door as students carefully dropped their can goods one by one.

In order to capture some of the best visuals such as pictures, videos and direct contact with the performers, it requires a production team to put in quality work.

“It is not easy just picking up a camera and putting it on somebody,” said Ira Willis, a production team specialist. “There are different cameras, angles and switchers back in the control room. We also have to make sure that everything is connected so that content shows on the jumbo tron for everybody to see.”

A performer captivates the crowd with stage presence, makes contact with fans, and moves across the stage, keeping everyone on their toes to follow their every move. FAMU’s Elite Dance Squad performed a number as the opening act dressed in their classic red and white graphite shirts converse kicks doing rhythmic footwork and hair-slinging with sass across the stage.

As the evening progressed, students were prompted to make their way to the stage expeditiously. With flashers beaming in the air and their faces directed toward the stage platform, Rattlers anticipated the arrival of the performers.

“The concert was eventful and fantastic I must say,”  said Oluwatosin Olaleye, a senior sports management student. “What a great way to begin the homecoming weekend turn of events.”

“I enjoyed Kash Doll because of her performance and her good energy toward everyone,” said Morgan Conley, a senior cardiopulmonary student. “She knew how to hype up the crowd.”