Fashion | April 5th, 2020

Here’s How Journey Works From Home

By: Mia Uzzell
Here’s How Journey Works From Home

#WFH: the term that has unraveled a buzz of aesthetically riveting photos of editorial staff and journalists bundled up with their computers in casual, yet comfortably chic clothing. With a bevy of publications working remotely, the working from home phenomenon is a glimpse of how staffers are transitioning into the new normal for work. 

The demand for social distancing is running its course on the nation, and, quite frankly, the motivation to stick to productive routines. The humdrum nature of daily commutes,  the exhilaration from running to and fro, and the sigh of relief exhaled after walking in the door from a taxing day at work are long gone – leaving an abyss in planners where consistent schedules once were. The introduction of “Zoom University,” Twitter’s novel colloquial for virtual learning through the platform, even has students constantly contemplating whether to indulge in a day of lounging or commit to online work. 

As confirmed cases of COVID-19 rise in the U.S., the return to face-to-face instruction and work is moving towards the unforeseen future, so adjusting to this reality may take a rough acclimation period. However, studies show that implementing consistency within the day is bound to yield higher results of productivity. Maintaining a schedule that mimics our previous lifestyle gives us a sense of structure and, most importantly, weans the productively-challenged out of the comfort of their beds. 

Basic hygienic duties aside, the start of this new habit lies in the monumental decision to opt-out of pajamas in favor of an actual outfit in the morning. Relatively comfortable pieces, like oversized graphic tees and Lycra athleisure, can be incorporated into outfits, but the overall goal of getting dressed is to glaringly remind yourself that an actual day of work is ahead. 

Here’s how the Journey staff is working on the weekdays (and weekends), like usual, through getting dressed for a day packed to the brim with editing, writing, and much more.

Amiya Abner, Staff Writer


“While working at home, I have found a love for wearing a mixture of business casual with a splash of comfort. If I throw on a more ornate top, I’ll pair it with comfortable material such as denim, fleece, or cotton bottoms. I’m the type of girl that truly enjoys the process of getting ready regardless of if I’m working, staying in, or doing both. Starting your day off by simply changing up your clothes, doing a little skincare routine, and even touching up your face with a hint of makeup makes all the difference. For me, it creates the perfect combination of having a positive outlook for the rest of the day, and how motivated I will feel to start getting productive.”


Dejania Oliver, Managing Editor


“I’m very big on being comfortable when it comes to my clothes. A warm sweatshirt and leggings or jeans are what I tend to put on in the mornings. For my makeup, I, once again, did what I would normally wear to class before the pandemic. Lightly filled eyebrows, mascara, and lip gloss are my go-tos. Putting on an actual outfit instead of staying in my PJs is an immense help. It creates some sense of normalcy in schedule and mimics the outfits I would wear to in-person classes. It’s easier to focus on my work and get my tasks completed, instead of staring longingly at my bed all day.”


Madeline Smith, Online Editor


“Most of my time has been spent at home writing and researching, so I don’t have to be too dressed up. I like to get a little cute to uplift my mood so I always put on a cute fitted top. At the bottom, I love loose-fitting lounging/sweatpants. I also have to keep my blanket on me because my mother keeps the house ‘on froze.’ Lastly, since I’m an editor and a writer, my laptop stays on deck.”


Aiyana Ishmael, Editor In Chief


“I’ve had a lot of Zoom meetings for summer internships, class, and other important things. So, I like to have some sort of work outfit on the top and my comfy Adidas sweats on the bottom. Me and my laptop are taking on each and every day with my #WFH outfit.”


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