Fashion | February 29th, 2024

Gold vs Silver: Which One fits you best?

By: Jasmine Dyer
Gold vs Silver: Which One fits you best?

Choosing between gold and silver jewelry is a personal style decision that can elevate your outfit. While some are bold enough to wear both, most people have a signature metal: Team Gold or Team Silver. This guide explores how to pick the right color based on your skin’s hues and style, ensuring you make a confident and stylish choice. However, let’s be real — whatever metal you prefer will be stunning.

Learning your skin’s undertones 

Let’s start by discovering your skin’s undertone, which is a hidden key to determining what metal aligns best with you. While the two terms “skin tone” and “undertone” are commonly mixed up, they contribute differently to your overall complexion. The color of your skin, your skin tone, ranges from fair to dark, while undertones fall on a thermal scale: cool, warm, or neutral.

To identify your undertone, a quick trick is to examine the inside of your wrist in natural light. If your veins appear predominantly blue, your skin has a cool undertone, making silver jewelry the perfect match. On the other hand, if your veins lean more towards green, your skin has a warm undertone, and gold jewelry will enhance your beauty.

Marcus Brooks, a freshman environmental science major at Florida State University(FSU), said he’s never switched from silver.

“I feel like everyone wears gold,” Brooks said. “No one gives sliver a chance, plus silver just compliments my skin better”

Check out your closet

Take a peek into your closet – your clothing colors reveal the ideal jewelry for you. If warm hues like red, orange, yellow, and brown dominate, your skin likely has a warm undertone, making gold jewelry your perfect match. On the other hand, if your wardrobe leans towards blues, greens, purples, and pinks, silver jewelry is your shining accessory!

Shari Ryant, a senior broadcast journalism student at Florida A&M University (FAMU), said the metal she wears mostly depends on her outfit. 

“It really depends on the fit, I usually wear gold, but I’ll definitely wear silver if the outfit calls for it,” Ryant said. “I know people say you’re not supposed to mix metals, but if it looks good, I’ll do it anyway.”

The choice is yours

At the end of the day, whatever metal you prefer is your personal choice. If you want to carry both metals, do it with confidence. The best part about jewelry is that you can decide what fits you. Now that you’ve determined whether gold or silver complements your unique coloring, it’s time to explore timeless pieces that enhance your wardrobe.