News | March 8th, 2018

Gas prices on the rise

By: Brianna Hicks
Gas prices on the rise

Compared to this time last year, drivers have noticed the change in gas prices and are wondering why. Reported by GasBuddy, around this time two years ago, Florida drivers were paying on average $1.83/gallon. Jump to 2018 and drivers are paying $2.54/gallon, which is almost a 39 percent increase- in just two years. Millennials are especially taking a hit in this situation, forcing them to ride public transportation, bike or walk.

Kerry Souverain knows first hand how hard it is to juggle school life, work and now budgeting for gas prices influxes. Souverain said, “As a full-time student with two jobs getting paid minimum wage, it’s hard sometimes. Because my car takes $25 to $30 depending on the gas station, I often have to reconsider going to certain locations. I have to worry about other expenses such as rent, food & school. Luckily there is a shuttle that comes by my apartment, which reduces the amount of gas usage for campus activities but I then work at the mall which puts a strain on my gas usage.” Millennials are always on the go; preferably it is for work, for school or vacations like spring break.

Some attribute the rise of gas prices to the demand for it. Spring break is approaching, and everyone needs gas to go on their trip. Gas stations need more gas, so consumers are now being forced to pick up the tab for the increase. Drivers must go to work, so we pick it up. Just as the old saying goes, because I’m d-mned if I do d-mned if I don’t.

Candace Wilson travels 50 miles daily between driving to and from work. She is faced with the dilemma of traveling to keep her job or being short of paying her bills. Wilson said,” I now over budget for gas because the prices fluctuate so much. I don’t understand it- but I need to pay bills. Therefore I bite the bullet as the old saying goes, and take the hit.” At the rate things are going, it looks like the trend is going to continue and consumers will continue taking the loss.

Gas stations now are now forced to compete with other surrounding stations to stay afloat in the market. There has been a manufacturing and consumption increase for high gas mileage, especially by frequent travelers and millennials.