Lifestyle | February 4th, 2020

Florida A&M Philanthropist Promotes a Positive Visual-Lifestyle brand

By: A-Chai'a Jackson
Florida A&M Philanthropist Promotes a Positive Visual-Lifestyle brand

To have a brand means to have a standard that represents a vision. Ama Arkorful’s visual-lifestyle brand represents these standards: honesty, integrity, and respect — pillars to encourage people of all ages, colors, creeds, and backgrounds.

During the summer of 2018, God introduced a vision to the Vicksburg, Mississippi native and chief executive officer of Always Manifest Abundance, Arkorful, that would serve others by helping them to become who they want to be, in hopes to Always Manifest Abundance, in human form. To wear her brand means that a person represents a bigger vision to invest in their mind, body, spiritual well-being and to ultimately become the best version of themselves in life. 

Two years later the vision was manifested, Arkorful had officially launched her brand on Jan 1, 2020, as a transition into the new year. As someone of self-efficiency, she took six months off from college to strategize, save money and finally execute her brand. The C.E.O shared her in-depth perspective to gain understanding.

“My brand is important because people need something bigger than just clothes, they want to represent something bigger than themselves. If you are a person that represents positivity, love, prosperity and a willingness to help people, and be about the people and not just saying, ‘this is what I have on and I look better than you’ or ‘this is a statement for just regular clothes. Everybody has clothes, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and other clothes on campus, but what does it represent,” she said. 

Arkorful was sure to pay homage to Nipsey Hussle, the American activist, entrepreneur, and rapper whom she refers to as her “big uncle” that inspired her never to quit no matter the circumstance. She admires Hussle for his selfless character to promote humility, love, and compassion for his community. 

She used to wake up to listen, learn and study Hussle’s craft: concerning visuals, his talents and the way he treated others. Additionally, Arkorful has orchestrated five visuals and a short film of her own. Just as she admires Hussle for what he stood for; she also has people who admire her as a person with a purpose according to God’s will. In the words of Hussle, “the marathon continues.” 

“Whenever she came about with the brand it was something that related to a huge audience, to Always Manifest Abundance, and to always want and seek after more. Ama is self-sufficient, a grinder and a believer who keeps God first,” said the brand support ambassador and pre-occupational therapy student Darion Halloway. “One big thing about her is that she wants genuine people around her. I feel like genuine people attract genuine people if we all have the same goal at the end,” he said. 

“Always Manifest Abundance, really means being the best version of yourself to reach your maximum potential. And it really hit me because when I first met Ama, she was telling me about her personal story, and I feel like you have to get to know her to really know her story, but pretty much just reaching for your best self.” said Chazriq Clarke a Florida A&M student and brand supporter. “We are going to have problems, but you just have to Always Manifest Abundance because greater works are in you that are in the world,” he said.